Day 100: Daylight Savings Day

Ayo what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post! March 12, 2017.

First of all, what the fuck happened in a day lol. Randomly got 100+ views today and it looks like someone decided to go through almost every single post I made. It’s very odd. Take a look lol:


Random ass spike out of nowhere lol. Well whoever this mystery person is, hope you enjoyed the random shitpost xd.

Okay… moving on! Today was daylight savings day and since it’s the spring one, that means we all lose an hour rip rip. Woke up at what should have been 9 AM but is now 10 AM lol. I honestly didn’t really do anything too special today. Played a lot of Maplestory lol. There was a 1.5x EXP event so yeah, might as well grind it out. I also got a haircut, so that’s something I guess. It was hella cold today! Not the weather I want to walk and go get a haircut.

Oh, I also got some new earphones. When earphones that normally cost 20$ only cost 10$ now, sweet. Nice nice. Listening to music through two ears is simply the best therapy. Now I just need a new playlist. Getting tired of the same old songs I’ve been listening to for like forever. Gotta switch it up.


So this happened earlier today. Basically Billy (Blade Arts) was talking about how it would be a dick move to ask a girl to prom if someone else already planned to ask her. Then Ziwen, who I assume doesn’t know what a dick move is, thought that Billy was calling himself a dick and it lead to this masterpiece here where “dick” is censored in league so yeah lol. “Are you calling yourself a penis” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I’m dead. Too funny. Too funny.

Speaking about Ziwen, he’s just an opportunity for memes. Some of the things he says are very questionable. For example, “Joey deletes me? Like 100-0s me.” Lol, I’m not sure if it’s me but that sounds a bit ???  Then again, we just like to meme him. For example, he was playing Malzahar and said “my babies are so strong” and instantly everyone was like, “wait what already?” Too soon fam, too soon. Ziwen and Joey getting memed to death.

I’m having a hard time adjusting to the new time lol. I just don’t feel like it’s actually the time that’s being displayed. Lol, it’s 11:43 PM right now but it doesn’t feel like it.

lol wow lol





When you ask for someone’s work and they’re like okay but don’t copy word for word so you just change a few things up lol. Funny how these two reacted the same way but just flipped words xd.

Oh yeah, so my friend was wondering how to explain to his Asian parents what a “prom” was and when he google translated it, it came up as “dance festival” and well that doesn’t sound any better or does it sound like something his parents would let him go to so I was like, “Just tell them it’s a math competition” and yeah. I legit think he’s going to tell his parents that he’s going to a math competition in place of prom lol. Interesting.

My friends are an interesting bunch of peeps.

Okay I still have to do Spanish homework and review Macbeth.

Oh, I forgot to mention. This is my 100th day of posting something consecutively. Yay me I guess? Well actually I know a few times I didn’t really write much and I believe one time I actually just posted that I was sick but still, Day 100 lol. Pretty cool milestone. I wonder if people actually read these, they must be really boring. Shoutout to all the readers xd. You the real mvp.

Okay, time to do homework now. Have a nice day peeps, I’ll be seeing y’all tomorrow!

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~



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