Day 98: #Zoey101

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 10, 2017.

Lots of things happened today but I’m on a time crunch and should really go to sleep soon considering I have the SATs tomorrow.

First of all, today my boy Ziwen promposed to Joey lol. I’m still kind of amazed how this actually became a thing. It all started out as a meme and then everyone just jumped aboard and it just took off from there. Here’s a picture to look at while I keep talking about them xdxd:


Don’t they just look so cute together xdxd. It’s funny because Ziwen went from “There’s no way I’m asking her” to “Hell yeah I’m asking her” within a matter of days. We had a group chat and we were planning what to do for the promposal. The initial idea was instead of flowers, we would do a chicken nugget bouquet. Lol Joey loves chicken nuggets. But then we were like, damn the chicken nuggets would be cold and disgusting so we went with Longteng’s idea and we spelled “PROM” with chicken nuggets. I’m surprised we managed to do this within an hour time frame. LOL my boy Ziwen booked it before school even ended. By the time I got out, he was already 2 streets ahead of me. We went to McDonald’s, got 60 nuggets, ran back and set things up. I’m not sure how in the world Jackie, Rebecca, Tina and Vivienne managed to keep Joey busy for an hour but yeah, things worked out better than I thought. Right when we were about ready for the actual promposal, Mr. Lebold (my favorite physics teacher) walked in and that was a bit anti-climatic. Lol! Then Joey finally came out and BAM! Ziwen forgot his punch line xdxd! He was suppose to say, “I’d be one lucky nugget to go to prom with you” but oh well. Wow, promposals are so much better when they’re planned. Makes me kind of sad that I really didn’t plan out mine but oh well. That’s what next year’s for hehe. I’m not sure how he’s gonna top this honestly. See, my logic is start out with the most unthoughtful unplanned and awkward promposal junior year and then refine it senior year hehe with the help of friend of course :S. Either way, congratz to Zoey 101! They cute though. Plus they match each other nicely in size. Ziwen is 6’1 and Joey is 5’8, so Joey won’t tower over Ziwen with heels on xd. Most guys would be shorter than Joey with heels lol. Oh yeah, a little behind the scenes action. Ziwen is a wild boy lol. He wanted to back-hug Joey ;)! Also the bottle of ketchup is not only for the chicken nuggets, but Joey LOVES ketchup apparently.

I’ll also just leave this here:


The boy was hypee. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but the boy spent 2 hours yesterday going over directions and making sure that everything happened to the T. He also calculated how long it would take to do “X” action. Lol, it was funny how much effort he put into everything.

I skipped tennis practice for this and I think it was hella worth it. Time to get roasted Monday!

Okay enough of Zoey 101.

Next up is Longteng, who said he would do it after some major convincing, but then again I might just be getting trolled again. But I have faith in Longteng 🙂 In due time, rest assure hehe! He asked for poster board today so I hope that means what I think it means.

Sadly Billy won’t be going to prom :/
He got the girl of his dreams stolen from him by some mysterious person who doesn’t want people to know he asked Jackie.

In other news, Funimation released some of the theaters that will be showing Kimi No Na Wa, the greatest anime film movie in the world as of this day. So far there are only a few theaters but I’m hella excited. Opening day is on 4/7! I plan on watching it with Vivienne hehe! Can’t wait! So close yet so far away.

Question: Do you like spoilers?

Personally, I don’t like spoilers to good movies or good anime series or stuff of that level. I like surprises! Well not jump scares or shit like that, but like thematic surprises are nice. I like just watching something and seeing how it turns out and like all the plot twists unfold. I don’t know. Like take Kimi No Na Wa for example. If you never watched the movie before, then you should go watch it spoiler free because that way, the results and surprises feel more rewarding lol. I feel like if you know what’s going to happen, then you won’t enjoy the build up as much and not be as emotionally invested in characters and stuff. Lol, maybe just me. No but seriously, go watch Kimi No Na Wa in theaters or online if you haven’t already. Sooooooo goooooooooooood!

Only four more weeks to wait. That’s a lot of weeks, but I’m a patient person and it’ll be worth it, hopefully :S! Assuming everything goes to keikaku (no I’m not a weeb, it’s a meme lol) and Vivienne doesn’t bail on me xd.

Tomorrow I have my SATs, please wish me luck. They’re basically big tests that will determine my college life. I’m totally fucked. I’m not prepared at all. I’m literally going in blind and about to wing this shit. Sigh~

Please wish me luck and pray for me lol. I’ll need it.

A lot has happened today. It was pretty cool. I’m still sad that I only got 3 chicken nuggets after running to McD for them but then again, it’s not about me lol. It’s about Ziwen and Joey, but mostly Joey xdxd. Cool beans.

I’m going to take a shower and sleep early today. It’s currently 10:56 PM. Aren’t you proud of me? Before 12 AM lol.

Okay. Have a nice day and I’ll be seeing you peeps tomorrow.

-Ray, the one and only tired sunflower~



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