Day 97: All Night

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 9, 2017.

Okay let’s start out with a rant.

You know what I hate? I hate loud obnoxious people. These people are so fucking annoying! Unfortunately there so happens to be one in my class. Without stating any names, I swear this person loves attention or something. She’s always calling out random shit during physics class. Like today for example, we were doing a problem with 9 and 6 ohm resistors and she was like: “I like 9 but I don’t like 6” and I’m just like: who the fuck cares? Like seriously! Her voice is so loud and strong that it’s really hard not to hear it. It like fucking pierces my ears 😦 It’s so annoying xdxdxd. How do people deal with her? Same person told me to drink bleach and kill myself. Like damn, okay I got that I make some terrible depressing jokes but I don’t expect people to straight up tell me: “You know what? I think you should go drink some bleach and fucking kill yourself.” Interesting. You know, something like that could trigger someone to commit suicide ouo. Geez.

On another note, I think my friend got me sick again. I was finally getting better and then after a few minutes of contact, I’m pretty sure I’m sick again. My nose is running 😦 RIP! You know when people get sick so often, you’re just like: “oh you’re sick again?” The first thought is, damn how weak is your immune system. And then the following thought is, oh wait are you okay? Like you get sick so often, are you sure you’re not dying on me? Get better fam~! And stop getting sick geeeeeeeeeeez!

Okay, onto the day. Thursday. Sooooo close to the end of the week but still pretty far away. Then again, the end of the week means hell (aka SATs). RIP RIP.

Today was a whacky day. I don’t feel like talking about my classes because that’s boring as fuck so instead let’s get into some drama ^_^

A little someone was being hella difficult to work with and I literally spent the entire day trying to convince my boy to take the person who rejected him 3x (from a date) to prom. I know, seems a bit farfetched. I understand the PTSD might be kicking in but still, geez this guy wouldn’t lighten up. He was so paranoid that it would have been a 4th rejection lol. Which is weird because he’s willing to ask if he wasn’t getting trolled but he didn’t want to ask because he thought I was trolling him for some reason. Negotiating is hard. But I’m pretty sure he’s on board. Hopefully~

In other news, tomorrow is happy happy fun time. So yeah~

Okay let’s talk about tennis. I suck at backhand. Cannot hit balls for shit using backhand. It’s so weak lol. I also can’t control where the ball is going, how fast it’s going and how high it’s going. RIP RIP. Day 3 of practice and well, I still suck.

Like always, I still have homework to do. APUSH, ENGLISH, PHYSICS and STUDY FOR MATH. SO YEAH. ADIOS MIS AMIGOS! Hope y’all have a nice day and I’ll be seeing you peeps tomorrow.




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