Day 96: Purple

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 8, 2017.

Just telling you right now the title is kind of irrelevant. I was held hostage and forced to change my profile picture to a shade of purple. Although, I have to say, it was a nice shade of purple. No more smug looking Ray 😦 RIP RIP

Today I woke up late somehow. Like I only hit the snooze once and BAM! Somehow I wake up late. Unlucky. Not late enough to be considered late, but it was cutting it close.

It’s Wednesday! Half way done with this week. Yay or nay? Jk. I have SATs on Saturday and I am fucked. R I P!

Okay… I wish every day didn’t start out with PreCalc first thing in the morning. I honestly don’t remember what I was learning today. I think it was like multiple scalars? Something with vectors. Obviously, I wasn’t paying attention. I was too busy staring at the clock. The broken clock. I really hate broken clocks. I mean I can’t even watch the clock tick by. No, it has to be the same time every time I look up. Always 2:59. It’s like almost 3 but not 3. Also have no idea if it’s 2:59 AM or 2:59 PM. Lol, I feel like I said this before but seriously though the clock is probably the most intriguing thing in the classroom. Lol for some reason my eyes were extra watery in math class. Like every time I blank, it would just get teary. Just goes to show that PreCalc makes my soul cry from the inside 😦 Or maybe I’m crying about something I’m totally unaware of. Who knows?

Okay then next class, APUSH was a free period because our teacher wasn’t here. So yeah.

Lunch. Not much happened. Well towards the end of lunch I was informed that someone was planning on asking someone who someone else also planned on asking and yeah, what fun to sort that stuff out ^_^.

English. We kept reading Macbeth.

Spanish. We worked on our project more. We had a warm up activity and my teacher was like, “If you were Raymon, what would you do?” and I’m just like why would you want to be me? Don’t be like me. You’re better off not being me. Being me is not fun and I’m pretty sure everyone wants to have fun in their life. So moral of this story, don’t be me!

Physics. We learned about Series-Parallel circuits.

Gym. We ran and saw a demo of rope climbing.

After school. Tennis practice part 2. Remember when I said I was decent? Ha. I’m trash. Learned how to net volley. Yup. It’s a good thing I had a hoagie this time! Holy shit does tennis practice make you hungry lol. Tennis is pretty fun until I realize I’m actually garbage.

Oh yeah today I was mildly annoyed at something Ziwen said. Must have been something petty because I don’t remember what it was but I was like super pissed off at him to the point where I didn’t speak to him for awhile and walked away every time he tried to talk to me lol. I also thought that every tennis ball was either Longteng’s or Ziwen’s face and kept hitting the balls to hard because I was angry at them. Forgot it was tennis not baseball haha.

Tennis practice makes me extra tired :(! Coming home at 7pm every day is something to get used to. Once again, I wanted to take a nap but that didn’t happen.

I still have my homework to do. Lol one of these days I will surprise you guys by saying I completed all my homework before hand.

Do you ever just randomly get sad? I don’t know. Sometimes I just get really sad out of nowhere. Like sometimes when I think a bit too much, my mood just drops and then I start thinking about negative things. Is it weird that I kept thinking about cutting? Odd. I keep imagining what it would feel like. Yeah, that’s probably very odd. Lol, why am I like this?  It’s so odd. Curiosity will kill the cat one day :/

Well hmm, how do I lighten up the mood. Oh yeah, people keep telling me that I’m too sassy. Not to sure if that’s true, I just like being witty and occasionally funny here and there. I guess people don’t like that :0

Which reminds me. One of my classmates just dead ass hates me or some shit. Like she keeps giving my the death stare every time I happen to turn her way or make eye contact. Not too sure what I did to her but damn is it scary lol. She has the face that read: “I’m gonna murder you.” xdxd

You know what’s a really good song?

10/10, would listen again on blast if I had working earphones!

Okay time to take a shower and then do all the homework in the world. Hope you guys have a nice day. Remember peeps, as long as you’re not me, you should be fine 😉 Adios fam. See y’all tomorrow.

-Ray, the one and only purple sunflower~


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