Day 95: Tennis

Hey there Ray here and welcome back to yet another daily blog. March 7, 2017.

It just randomly decided to rain. Mother nature is a very odd thing. Oh well, it’s short of soothing I guess.

Today was yet another Tuesday. You know, in your life time you go through a lot of Tuesdays. Surprisingly I went to sleep kind of early yesterday. It was around 12:30 AM! That’s pretty good I guess. Still was fairly tired when I woke up. Also another breakfast less morning… seriously can’t do any more of those. I’m a hungry hungry hippo! My excuse, I’m a growing boy xd. I get hungry like every 4 hours.

There wasn’t any breakfast at school either! Double whammy! On top of that, I’m still completely broke! Triple whammy! Not a single dollar in my pocket 😦 Feels bad!

Okay let’s jump into the daily mundane routine. Starting off with everyone’s most hated class of all, math class. Got my ch 4 test back and well, yet another giant curve to save my grade. I fucked on some many small things and then one big thing. Not as bad as I thought but still not good either. We spent the majority of the time going over that. One of these days, I’ll get the highest math score. JK! Having to surpass Joey and Dana is hella hard 😦

After that was APUSH. We talked about the Korean war. Well my teacher was lecturing, I was trying to take a nap. Something about Tuesday APUSH’s classroom makes it really nice for napping. The desk are nice and long so I can actually spread my arms out. Feels good! Except my teacher made us do a small assignment at the end of class. I hate busy work :(! Just let me sleep lol.

Then of course 3rd period lunch. Whoever came up with 3rd period lunch (which is at 10:13 AM) why???? So early in the morning! Then again, I was hungry. I did lunch things during lunch. Geez trying to find my friends during lunch is so hard. It’s like a fucking scavenger hunt. I wonder where so and so is.

Apparently Joey decided to go rogue and tell Tina the date when Longteng would prompose. Like come on, I know you might be upset we kicked you from the chat but still! Not cool xdxd! Then Billy decided to be an idiot and told Joey when Ziwen was gonna do it lol. Such a mess. Do people not like to keep surprises, surprises? I guess not ouo.

I was suppose to give Longteng poster board today but I forgot! My bad xd!

In English class we started reaching Macbeth. I really don’t like Shakespeare, too extra for me. Hard to understand and I don’t want to put in the effort to understand old New English. We were reading Macbeth out loud and apparently we were reading too fast because Anna got lost and she caused this scene where she was like: “You’re reading too fast. I’m really confused.” This was like Act I Scene II lol. I really didn’t know what was confusing considering it was actually fairly simple to understand AND there’s a fucking summary to explain things. Geez, not sure if trolling or serious…

In Spanish, my teacher gave us more time to work on our project. Not sure if I mentioned this but the project was moved back to the 23/24 of March lol. The question of the day in Spanish was what I would do if I had 10 million dollars. Simple. Get myself a computer, a bike, a drone, a nice camera, some friends and travel the world. Visit as many countries as possible, try out as many things as possible and ultimately have a great time. Hahaha… that will never happen.

Then there was double physics. Had to do a lab in class. Circuit lab, except there wasn’t enough equipment for everyone so we ended up with like 3 extra people who were freeloaders xd. One of them broke a lightbuld! Like what the fuck were you doing? How in the world do you break a lightbulb lol. Then she started crying…. What the fuck? I don’t know. Then this person wanted to do the questions and well let’s just say I was a bit skeptical. Hmm, right now my lab grade is 100% so better not fuck that up!

Okay, after all of that comes the moment of truth! Tennis practice. First day of practice! Got lost traveling to the court lol. Once I got there, had to run 3 laps around the court. I haven’t ran in like ages but 3 laps is still do-able. Then I was separated into the losers group of people who had 0 experience playing tennis. We had a separate coach to teach us how to do some basic things like dribble the tennis ball and bouncing it up and down on the racquet. After we did some of those, we moved onto forearm serves. According to the coach, I’m pretty decent lol. I wouldn’t call myself good because I’m trash but I’m not terrible lol. Overall, it was sort of fun. Practice ended so late though, at 5:30 PM! Got home at around 6:45 PM. RIP RIP! ripmon 😦

I was so tempted to take a nap but I knew that if I took a nap, I would never wake up again. Sigh!

Lol, I was listening to Linkin Park as I was writing. Bringing back the old pre-teen vibes. Their old music is still pretty good till this day 🙂

Ever lost in thought and wonder about why you wonder about the things you do? Lol. Sigh tomorrow is another day 😦 One of these days, it will stop :/ But then again, nothing seems to go away…

Okay, like a good neighbor Ray is out. Still have some English homework to do. I’m so bad at doing homework in a timely fashion.

No, that’s just an excuse. I’m full of excuses. Ugh. I hate myself.

I need some new earphones. My earphones actually died died this time. Sigh. I don’t have any money either :[ Plus, there’s a priority list of things I need to buy before earphones lol. I also need a new playlist. I’m kind of bored listening to the same songs over and over again, but I don’t have enough space to add songs so I plan on just wiping my current playlist and having new songs. I’ll get around to it.

Oh yeah, I also missed the Science Olympiad party today. Kind of sad 😦

Okay, I seriously have to go this time. Good night fam~

-Ray, the one and only pretty cool sunflower~


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