Day 94: Random Half Day

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 6, 2017.

When you choose to write about each day, the quality of work often deteriorates. Writing daily is hard, I’ll try to make these post better. Sorry for the last couple xd.

Okay moving on… Today was a random half day. I wasn’t aware I had a half day until I got to school. It’s just an odd day to have a half day. Why on a Monday? Out of all the days of the week, why Monday? Speaking about half days, how come I never have half days on Fridays? I used to have them on Fridays but ever since like 6 or 7th grade, they moved the half days to like every day that isn’t Friday. Weird as fuck. Now I still have no idea what the half day was for, but oh well. I’m just glad it made Monday shorter than it had to be.

Lol I had a bit of trouble waking up this morning. Kept snoozing my alarm and before I knew it, it was 6:30 AM! Took too long to get ready so by the time I was ready to leave, it was already too late to make myself breakfast. Oh well, who needs breakfast anyways right? I do LOL. I was pretty hungry throughout the morning. On the train ride I was busy memorizing my presidents. I didn’t really study the night before because  well procrastination get the better of me, unlucky.

I love half days because they make math class a lot shorter than they need to be. The less I have to listen to my math teacher’s cringe fest, the more sane I will be. We’re still learning about vectors. It’s pretty simple, considering we learned about this in physics too. And well, I do love me some physics.

In physics class we learned about series circuits. Probably the most simple type of circuit lol since there is only one path. I got back my quiz and the point off was because of significant figures. Lol, this is like the first time Mr. Lebold took off a point for sigfigs. Not only that, he threw so much shade. He took off .99999999 of a point lol. Wow. Feels bad. Correct answer but too many sigfigs. RIP 24/24. It’s still a 100 in my heart 😦

After that, was lunch. After promposal happened. Some upper class man promposed to someone. It was quite interesting. There were a group of friends singing “My Girl” lol. Too bad Ziwen’s and Longteng’s are going to top it hehe! Soon(tm)!

Following lunch was the Spanish quiz! Oh boy! I think I failed! LOL! I didn’t study for this quiz for shit and well I guess I paid dearly. It was a future/conditional quiz and I was literally guessing if the sentence was suppose to use future or conditional tense. Uh oh spaghetti oh. I already failed the previous quiz and failing another quiz would suck…

Then gym class happened. Except we didn’t do anything in gym class xd. Spent a majority of the time circling the gym with my boy Lincoln, trying to memorize the presidents for our quiz next period.

APUSH time. We took a quiz on the order of the presidents. I think I got a 100. I think the easiest way to memorizing them is just starting from George Washington and going straight down and every time you don’t remember one, you go back to GW. Now if you ask me who the (insert number) president is, I would have no idea.

Then last period English we started some prematerial for Macbeth. Talked about witches. Interesting.

Went home with my friends. On the train, we bumped into an older friend and had this awkward train ride. You know when you used to be friends with someone but like now you barely know each other? Yeah sort of like that. It was super awkward because well we didn’t have things to talk about and me, I haven’t talked to this person in ages so like yeah… We ended up talking about prom lol. Prom seems to be a hot topic recently. It’s only like a month and 2 weeks away ^_^! Kind of excited but then again, probably shouldn’t get too excited.

Speaking about prom, not sure if this is considered progress but we managed to make Ziwen go from (I don’t know if I want to ask Joey) to (I’ll ask her). He seems pretty excited, which is a good thing! Currently we’re trying to look for creative ways of promposing. Not sure if Joey reads this so gotta keep it hush hush 🙂 It’ll be lit though.

I nominated a few of my friends for Prom King/Queen but they’re all kill joys. None of them wanted to put their name on the ballot 😦 Out of the 4, Ziwen/Joey and Longteng/Tina, not a single one. Rip! I’m pretty sure Ziwen/Joey would win at least runner up lol. Only to be beaten by Jimmy/Felicia 😉 Okay, maybe I do need to chill haha.

Okay so once I got home, my mom made me a char sui sandwich, which was great btw. I love char sui 🙂

Once again, I felt kind of tired around 2pm so I took a nice 2 hour nap. When I woke up, I panicked because I thought I overslept to the next day because the light outside looked like it was morning. Then I realized it was 4pm and I was like: “HOLY SHIT DID I SLEEP TILL 4PM THE NEXT DAY????” and then I was like oh yeah it was a half day. Got a message from Longteng asking to play league and hopped on.

You know what I miss? Good old playing league WITH friends WITH skype! Love me some banter with Longteng and Billy. Even if we happen to lose all our games… whatever. It’s the quality banter that counts right?

Then after dinner, spent some time chatting it up with some friends. Isn’t it fun to take people out of context ^_^ When I show a picture of Ziwen saying he wants to go to prom with Tina (taken out of context) to Joey and her initial response was “wow he ain’t loyal” lol. Zoey, hella ship. Joey is an interesting character, hopefully she doesn’t get too upset we kicked her from the Zoey 101 Plan group chat lolxd. It’ll be worth it.

My arms hurt a lot. I can barely fully extend them lol. Potato stick arms.

Rebecca just told me to go to sleep early. It’s like 11:39 PM. Nice joke lol. I probably should consider going to sleep earlier. I always complain about being tired but don’t try to do anything about it. Well, then again I’ll just end up laying in bed staring at my ceiling fan. Sigh sigh.

I think that’s it for now. Tomorrow is another day. First day of practice took. Time to make a joke out of myself… oh wait, I’m already a joke. RIP!

Jackie keeps calling me Ripmon, no idea why.

Anyways, hope you all have a wonder day/night, whenever you’re reading this.

More quality content coming your way… sike!

Ray out!

-Ray, the one and only quality sunflower~

p.s. apparently there a ring of students who’ve been drinking alcohol in school. interesting. love me some quality drama 🙂


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