Day 91: Get out of jail card

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. March 3, 2017.

It’s my sister’s birthday! Woot, woot. Happy Birthday! Cool, cool.

Currently, I’m busy discussing some very important matter at 11:49 with some peeps xd. I’ll come back to update this but if I don’t, don’t sue me!

Honestly feeling kind of lazy too!

Okay, I’m back! So basically today was pretty much a normal day.

I lied. It was another promposal day. Interesting to say the least. Interesting. Will you go to pron with me ;)?

During Precalc, we spent like 15 minutes talking about the dress code because someone who wanted to go to the bathroom had a coat on. Apparently wearing a coat in class is against the dress code, interesting. The argument was that people can hide weapons in the coat/hood which to me seems farfetched but hey, it could happen I guess. Lol, all I wear are hoodies, does that mean I’m smuggling weapons in? Possibly xd.

It’s kind of funny because my teacher was like: don’t wear something you wouldn’t want your teacher wearing but my teacher wears coats in class too. So yeah… ouo, is she hiding weapons of mass destruction too?

Then in APUSH we just got a worksheet full of foreign policies and filled that out.

Today was the last day of Tea Party 😦 Feels bad. I really like this enrichment because I get to talk to people, have a good time and drink all sorts of teas. Oh well rip.

Tennis seasoning is starting soon, March 7. Not sure whether to be excited or scared lol. I have like 0 skills and will probably be the bench warmer.

After that, went to English class were I got feedback on my short essay. Pretty much got roasted. Feels bad, gotta go revised that later.

Then, my favorite class: Physics! Learned more about currents. Learned about AC and DC and like how the current flows in both.

Then we had this “I’m Not a Racist.. Am I” workshop again. We did a 2 truths and a lie game and then we wrote the first words that came to our head for 10 pictures. It was suppose to show the negatives of stereotyping and stuff. This workshop was a bit more relaxing and fun than the previous ones. I don’t know. Still not really into these sorts of things.

Okay, I’m literally falling asleep rn so I’m sorry, I’m going to end it here. Feeling really lazy xd!

-Ray, the one and only lazy sunflower~


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