Day 90: Juicy Gossip

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog. March 2, 2017.

I just woke up a couple of minutes ago and I still feel super tired. RIP.

Today started with me having trouble getting out of bed. I’m not sure if it’s me being sick or maybe me sleeping to late but lately I’ve been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning 😦 It wasn’t this bad before!

The morning tilted me. So I got off the train to wait for the bus but the bus never came. It literally took 20 minutes for the next bus to come. 20 minutes! INSANE! At this point, I might as well find an alternative route because I ain’t waiting 20 minutes just because I missed the earlier bus. There were so many people waiting there 😦

When I got to school it was like 8:05.

Today my PreCalc teacher wasn’t here… PAPA BLESS. She left behind a stupid worksheet though. It’s so fucking extra 😦 I still have to finish it. It’s basically just finding the area of some quadrilaterals using laws of sine and cosine. Had no one to talk to in this class though.

Then there was physics. A third of the class was gone for physics. We tried to convince our teacher to take us to the play but that didn’t happen. Instead we reviewed currents and stuff. It wasn’t that bad. Had no one to talk to in this class either. Feels bad.

Then there was lunch. My friends just sort of disappeared on me so like I ate lunch by myself like a usual Thursday. All the play people passing by probably think I’m some sort of loser, which you know they aren’t far off.

After lunch, there was Spanish. We worked on our ecotourism project. Apparently there might be a quiz tomorrow but no one knows for sure.

Then after that, I had English class. We just went over the rough drafts we made. Instead of doing that, I ended up doing typing exercises lol.

Then the last class was APUSH. Once again, this class makes me want to fall asleep. We had like a lecture and then a mini activity.

Then after school came along. Waited for some peeps and actually had an interesting train ride home. We were talking mostly about prom. I don’t know how, but literally in one day so many people are behind the new Zoey ship xdxd. We kept pressuring Ziwen to take Joey to prom xd. And then there was the Yibin, Tina, Longteng fiesta. Apparently Yibin plans on asking Tina and I just find that to be a terrible idea. Then again, I’m bias as fuck. I hate that kid and I would feel bad if that actually happens, which is why a bunch of people want Longteng to ask Tina instead. But he’s skeptical of doing it because he thinks everyone is trolling him xd. Feels bad, getting rejected from ice cream 3x is harsh but still! Anyone is better than Yibin. Save my girl Tina lol. And then there’s my boy Billy who I don’t think is going because he doesn’t have a date. Originally he was going to ask Jackie but then Jackie has some mysterious date that doesn’t want people to know that this person asked Jackie (whoever that could be, probably a sophomore). Then I also heard that Lucy wanted to ask someone but she’s afraid this person would say no and people thought that might have been Ziwen, which if it is that would be tragic because Ziwen has to ask Joey!

Now why does Ziwen need to ask Joey? One, he’s actually interested. Two, they both need dates (or maybe they’re independent people who don’t need one). Three, they look cute :^). Four, well Ziwen is the last tall guy I can think of. He’s like 6’2” and Joey is like 5’8”. That way, Joey can wear heels xd. Five, they’ll probably amaze everyone with their dancing skills. Six, I’m not even sure how this ship started but do it for the meme. Seven, just do it.

So there was that. Then after the train ride, I arrived at the bus stop and saw Tina. We were hungry so we decided to get some sushi. We got off at our stop and then started walking there. IT WAS SO WINDY! IF I GET EVEN MORE SICK, I’M GOING TO BE VERY UPSET 😦 At a certain point, I couldn’t even feel my face. When we got there, the place was closed. UNLUCKY :L. We started walking around and well we ended up in front of a buffet and I was pressured into making a decision of what to do. So I was like, let’s go to the buffet. Little did I know, we could of also just went to KungFu Tea, which was right down the block. Silly me. Oh well, it was good.

I got a fortune cookie that stated: “A determined heart scares problems away.” Unfortunately I’m not determined at all LOL. Unlucky.

Then Linda happened to be in the area so we went and visited her. She was dress shopping for prom. I still think that she should of got that banana looking dress. The two went dress shopping and I left because it’s not my forte.

I went home and slept for 4 hours. Slept from 6-10pm. I literally just woke up an hour ago lol.

I still have a shit ton of homework to do. Why do I do this to myself. Why do I get tired in the evening and clock out and then wake up 5 hours later to do homework until 2 am? Makes no sense! I don’t know how my parents put up with me.

The school play is tomorrow and I’m still debating on whether to go see it or not. I don’t think I have the patience to sit through an hour and a half of something I barely know of. Who knows.

Lol my favorite thing to do is scroll through Twitter and see all the new memes. I’m not sure how new memes are created, but I love all memes equally. xd!

Today I kept correcting my friend for pronouncing GIF the correct way with the incorrect way. This happened twice and when I realized what I did, I got tilted. LOL. It’s GIF, not GIF.

Okay, time to shower and then do homework until 2 am. Fun stuff.

I broke the 1000 word mark, woot woot!

Okay but seriously, have a nice day. Ray out~

-Ray, the one and only obviously taller sunflower~






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