Day 88: Terrible

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. February 28, 2017.

It’s the last of day of February xd! Why does February only have 28 days? Makes no sense, they could have just made less 31 day months. Odd. Tomorrow is my friend’s birthday. It’s also Justin Bieber’s birthday. Sometimes I wonder if they were actually born on a leap year ouo. That would be interesting. What’s funny is that during the year she was born, it was a leap year as well. Hmmm. Interesting :^)

So my cold from yesterday got worse. Yesterday was only the sinus infection and then today I woke up with a headache and being super exhausted. Woot woot, I love being sick! Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay home because my parents could care less so yeah… being at school while feeling half dead/under the weather is a horrible feeling. I feel so tired and weak rip.

There’s a math test tomorrow that I should be studying for xd. I have no idea what I’m doing in math. Still very lost and the test is tomorrow. Like I was feeling good up to a certain point and then fell off a cliff into obscurity. I feel very lost. I don’t know how to tackle problems. Problematic. How in the world am I going to pass tomorrow? I honestly have no idea! I started actually reading the chapter and yeah… teaching myself 6 sections in a night. Good shit! Hopefully I get lucky and it just comes to me. That would be great. Please grant me some luck. 😦 I wish I was good at this stuff. Like some people just see it instantly and start tackling problems and I’m just like: wut?

Had another APUSH test today, well the second part of it. Period 7 is so fucking long. From the Progressive Era to the end of WWII. Where was WWII on the multiple choice test?!?!? We spent an entire week going over WWII… for what? The only WWII related thing was the first prompt for long essay. How did America’s involvement in WWII effect the nation. Fun and easy topic to write about yay! However, writing with a headache and a running nose is no bueno. Constant sniffing and dizziness lol.

Just finished one of the worst English books I ever read ever. Mona in the Promised Land sucked. Now I have to write a short essay on it. Ugh ugh. I hate writing. I hate writing about books that I don’t give a fuck about either 😦 Still have to write the draft. It’s due tomorrow.

In Spanish class we talked about our childhoods. I actually don’t remember what I did as a child or how I acted as a child. I was probably more happy and innocent but at the same time 10x more annoying. This lead to questions like: What was easy to do during our childhood and what was hard to do during our childhood. I don’t know I felt like everything was so much easier during my childhood. Literally nothing to worry about. Everything just sort of happened and I just went with it but like as you grow older things change and I learn that the world is 😦 😦 place.

There was a fucking creepy crawly on my ceiling lol. It was distracting and I had to go kill it. I wonder how it got there….

Things I have to do: Study math, do English, do Spanish and write a birthday card.

I hope I get better ._. This cold is really annoying.

I’m ending it here, have lots to do! Have a nice day and keep the creepy crawlies off your ceilings fam~

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~



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