Day 84: Dance

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. February 24, 2017.

I am so tired right now so hopefully I don’t fall asleep while writing this. I’ll have you know that my feet fucking hurt. That’s about it. Okay, anyways…

Today I got my AP Letter. Feels kind of bad. I didn’t get the math I wanted but at least I got the science I wanted. Got into AP Stat and AP Chemistry. Lol I liked Chemistry in 10 grade so it can’t be that bad. Plus I have myself some nice Chem buddies (Billy, Jackie, Joey and peeps). I have no idea what AP Stat is so… so sad I didn’t get into BC. Proof that I’m dumb 😦

A lot of people didn’t get into what they want. Kind of strange. Like for example, Ziwen got into AP Biology when he wanted AP Physics yet Vivienne got into AP Physics when she wanted AP Biology. Like how the fuck do you fuck something up like that? Can’t you just have the two students switch classes since they want the other class?? Makes no sense, like what where they thinking?

Then there are people who like didn’t get into any science AP. My boy Lincoln was depressed today because he didn’t get into a science. He put AP Biology as #1 and then AP Chemistry as #2. Unlucky him, so many people signed up for AP Biology, hard to get in.

So there was that. After getting those, I basically slugged through the day and then the dance happened. Today was the day of that dance performance we worked on for so many weeks. The entire high school came to watch plus some peeps from the school district. It was interesting. I felt like reading 3 essays about social dance class was unnecessary. It was boring as fuck and the mic quality was so bad that I didn’t even know what they were saying anyways. Then we actually started dancing. Overall, I would say that it was pretty fun. I would do it again. Better than anything else we do in gym class. Also, Ziwen x Joey is my new otp xdxd. I didn’t know they swing that way… okay I’ll show myself out.

Originally after school I was going to watch a movie, but as usual, plans change. I ended up getting pho with Billy. For some reason we decided to walk there. My poor feet 😦 Murdered. I feel like we always get pho but there’s like nothing new to eat so yeah. He got pho and I got rice because I get pho like every time. Gotta switch it up sometime. Then we went to get ice cream with Jimmy. Except that took forever… We waited in line for like 15 minutes and then waited an extra 40 minutes to actually get our ice cream. There were only two workers and the people in front of us ordered so much qq. So for like 40 minutes, Jimmy, Billy and I were just messing around and being bored. I ended up snapping Joey a bunch and yeah that was pretty entertaining. We also bumped into Tina and Vivienne (well it’s more like they spotted us, same difference). They went to eat at Bonchon. We saw Keely and she gave us like $42 worth of free ice cream when Billy asked for a discount, which I felt was very strange. Like she barely knows us, yet she gave us a discount anyways lol. She gave Billy and Jimmy 3 stamps each lol. So kind.

Billy was like: “When does Joey, so she can slide me some more stamps” xdxd. He didn’t get those extra stamps. Feels bad.

There were so many people that we knew that were in Chinatown today. Me, Billy, Jimmy, Vivienne, Tina, Kazi, Tara, Sasha, Anthony, Colin, Justin, Qian Qian, Linda, Jackie and Joey. Lol.

After we ate our ice cream, we saw Joey and Jackie and crew and then we decided to run to Bonchon to see if Anthony and crew were still there. When we got there, Tina and Vivienne were still eating and Anthony and crew just left. So then we ran to Tea-Do and yeah we found them. Too much running though. Running in dress shoes is a big no no. My feet 😦 They still hurt! So then after that, he went to the Sushi Burrito place because that’s where Kazi and Tara were and according to their snapchat, Tara got promposed to and according to Kazi it was by Tim but Tim wasn’t in any of the snaps so we decided that we were going to see for ourselves but when we got there they left. Feels bad. After that we decided to go home. On our way home, we bumped into Billy’s sister, Sally xd.

When I got home, I fell asleep.

The end.

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~

p.s. trying to get billy to ask jackie to prom and well it went from “no I won’t do it” to “I’ll do it if she isn’t taken.” Making progress bois ^_^ It will happen, hopefully. Don’t let our memes be dreams. 😄

THE DREAM IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦


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