Day 83: Simple Mistakes are the Worst

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. February 23, 2017.

So yesterday I started studying for physics at 2 AM and clocked out around 3 AM. I was kind of worried that I wouldn’t be prepared enough for physics but surprisingly, the physics test was pretty easy. Now what me say this now and I get my test back and I complete fail lol. That would be unfortunate. I felt it was fairly easy. The only hard question was the first conceptual question where I had no idea what the fuck I was talking about. I was literally making stuff up and making it sound scientific. The rest of the test was plug and chug. Memorize equations and just use them. Pretty easy.

I’m so mad at myself though. I felt like I could have gotten a 100 if I didn’t make such a stupid mistake. The last problem I had some extremely small time as my answer and for some reason I didn’t redo the problem. I had like .09 seconds lol. I’m not too sure how the world I fucked up but I must have mis-entered a value in my calculator or something like that. It really sucks when I make simple mistakes. Like, I know exactly what I’m doing but I still make the mistake. The problem was so easy imo. 1=100e^-t/RC where RC was 3.35 and we had to find t. UGH! So stupid rip. Damn.

Today was a really nice day. I can get used to these 70 degree days in February. Feels good except for the fact that it’s probably due to global warming. You know, that hoax created by the Chinese people xd. I got Starbucks for the first time in forever. Starbucks still tastes good 🙂 Some things will never change. Like how people never spell my name correct but then again my parents couldn’t spell it correctly to begin with. Sad stuff. Oh and also, caramel is still the best flavor.

Tomorrow is the dance performance. Time to make fools of ourselves in front of the high school audience. Yeah boi :s! Tomorrow also happens to be Kevin Cosplay Day 🙂 xdxd

Oh yeah, peer evaluations are due tomorrow. I wrote 7 pages and I thought that was a lot but then Ziwen wrote 11 pages and I’m just like damn, wtf did you write? After this, it’s finally over over. Yup, no more complaining. Cemetery was fun. ha. ha. ha.

Sometimes I like to think I’m funny. Only sometimes though. 🙂

Oh yeah, AP letters are finally coming out tomorrow.

Yeah I need to go finish my physics lab so I’ll catch you peeps later.

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~


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