Day 82: Naps

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. February 22, 2017.

Man, if you told that I was going to talk to myself for 82 days straight, I would have laughed at myself because that seems a bit sad. Yet 82 days later, here I am. Who’s laughing now? Certainly not me 😦 I’m too tired to laugh. Too tired to do anything xd. Anyways, let’s talk about today.

First of all, apparently someone got hit by the subway today. I’m not sure if it was an accident or maybe it was suicide, but that’s super unfortunate. That’s going to be me one day, when I give no fucks. Although jumping in front of a train is highly inconvenient for all those people trying to get to places, so a train would be no good. I guess jumping off a bridge would be the best option, but even then that might be too much. I don’t know. I’ll figure out which one’s the best way eventually. I wonder what lead the person to do that hmm. I have no idea who the person was, not even the faintest description. Sad stuff.

Suicide is never the answer. There’s always someone or something out there who can help you. It’s not worth it. Unless you’re me, but fortunately there is only one me. Only one sad unique awkward depressed Ray.

A little off topic but I really hate it when people are sad. Like what are you suppose to do when people are just sad? Like nothing you say will make the person feel any better. It’s like I want to help, but how do I how? Huh. And I hate when people are just like: CHEER UP! I’m guilty of this too lol. Like what the fuck is exactly suppose to happen to one says “cheer up.” It’s not like oh, I said cheer up so all the sudden their going to cheer up xd. I don’t know. The things I worry about and think about are so weird lol. I’m talking about super sad, not petty sad.. if there is a difference.

Okay moving into something different. Planning is hard. Trying to go watch a movie with some friends except it’s never as simple as, “hey wanna go see a movie?” There’s all this scheduling and stuff. Life is hard. I just want to suffocate myself in some popcorn. Is that too much to ask for? So the plan is to go see a movie Friday but who knows what will happen. I feel like Friday is the best day for a movie since it’s the end of the week. Nothing to worry about, nice and chill. Yup yup.

Speaking about Friday, that’s the day of the dance performance. We spent like 10 weeks trying to learn social dances and now we’re performing them in front of the high school. Feels bad. We also have to wear formal clothing I believe so there’s that. Lol, would it be weird to dress formally to go see a movie right after. xd?

Speaking about formal wear, my friend and I, we were talking about prom and prom dresses lol. Not too sure how we went from trying to figure out the movie schedule to prom dresses but we did. Apparently she wants a neon yellow dress. I don’t know, kind of tacky if you ask me 😉 Way to stick out like a sore thumb or you know a bee xd. Then that got me thinking, oh wow I need a suit jacket. The one I have is like 10x larger than me. Lol, I need something that finds me better cause you know, gotta dress to impress 🙂 Can’t be wearing oversize clothes. I did that for my 8th grade graduation and I look like an idiot LOL. Iconic picture where no one is looking at the same camera but I look so awkward with the oversized clothing lol. Yeah can’t have that again. ^_^ oooooo we should recreate that picture at our high school graduation xd.

I asked my cousin if I could borrow his suit jacket. He’s much shorter than I am but he’s a bit bigger than me so I don’t know how that’s going to work. Hopefully it fits, or maybe I have to go buy one. Which would be problematic because I really can’t find one that fits me because I’m like super skinny and don’t fit the size charts. Lol I’m like 30-32 inches chest size, when the average is like 40+ so RIP.

Wow this post today is surprisingly long lol. I didn’t even mention anything school related. Okay so today I didn’t fall asleep in precalc so that’s good. Geez, not having Mrs. Sui speak directly to me really changes the outcome of my day xd.

Oh yeah that reminds me. I hate broken clocks. The room I was in had a broken clock. Every time I looked up, it was always 2:59. 5 minutes later, 2:59. 10 minutes later, 2:59. UGHHHH! Feels like class never passes by. Tilting.

So I have this physics test tomorrow that I really didn’t study for. I got a 100 on the quiz but the quiz was super easy. Do you think I’ll do well on tomorrow’s test? Lol, I also have a shit ton of English homework to do. Sigh. So today I slept for 3 hours and when I woke up, I actually felt more refreshed, which is really odd because normally I feel even more tired. Like I’m wide awake right now, which is a good thing I guess. I need to start that English homework so I’ll end it here. RIP, we didn’t make it past 1000 words… oh well.

Have a nice day :S and go eat a pickle ouo

-Ray, the one and only oversized sunflower~



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