Day 77: Happy Day :s


Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post! February 17, 2017.

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday xd. Honestly I only live for the weekends. Get to catch up on some quality sleep and basically not do anything until Sunday comes :s

Unfortunately today wasn’t a half day so the day was much longer to get by but oh well.

The first two periods of today weren’t that important. The average run of the mill math and APUSH class. My APUSH teacher wasn’t here today so we just “watched” a movie about FDR. No one was paying attention though.

Then during third period I decided to do a thing xd. Okay so basically I promposed to my friend Vivienne during Tea Party, except it was like the worst promposal ever because I suck. I was super nervous and rushed in asking her and basically shoved roses in her face and I felt so bad because I’m pretty sure I made her feel super uncomfortable 😦

And then the insecurity took place. On the outside I may seem like a cyber bully who has no feelings but deep down I’m just insecure af xd. The way she answered sounded really uncomfortable and that could have been from two things, being shocked or actually being uncomfortable. And I thought it was the uncomfortable one so that lead me to thinking: “Oh no, what if I just made her do something that she didn’t want to do.” And the thinking lead me to think: “Wait, what if she just said yes because she can’t say no in front of the crowd.” Yes, the insecurity runs deep. So I’m like at my seat thinking about these scenarios and playing them over and over again and the more I stress about it the more I’m like: “Oh no, I fucked up big time.” So for the rest of the day I was not sure what to think honestly. I wanted to be happy/excited because she actually said yes but then I was like: was that actually a yes yes or a pity yes lol. The things I worry about xd.

I feel better about it now after she sort of reassured me and probably shouldn’t have doubted her xd. Vivienne if you happen to be reading this… well.. enjoy the roses ^_^ (lol smooth).

Special thanks to Tina my sign holder and all my friends who skipped their club to only get jebaited xd

Okay moving on. After school my friend Margaret came up to me and I jokingly said: “Hey you should buy me lunch.” To my amazement, she actually bought me lunch. It was honestly really odd. I don’t remember the last time I ever offered to buy someone lunch/someone offering to buy me lunch. So we started walking to Chinatown and then one of her choir buddies came up to us and she started to talk about anime and I was like: Don’t mind me xd. No weebs over here. And then her buddie was like: “Hey is that your brother?” to which I’m just like xdxd. What the fuck lol. Just because we’re Asian, you think we’re siblings??? I’m like 10 shades darker than she is, how are you gonna ask “is that your brother?” LOL. Honestly tilted. That’s probably the worst first impression someone can give. RIP RIP.

We ended up getting ramen ^_^ Free food is always the best food since you know, you never have to pay for it xd. Plot twist, just order one of everything since you know owo, they’re treating you πŸ™‚ I still don’t know what’s the motive behind buying lunch ouo. Got myself some Chicken Katsu Ramen. It was pretty good πŸ™‚ Thanks by the way ~~

After that I went to Chatime and got myself some Taro milk tea. Did you know that taro milk tea made with real taro is thick? I didn’t know because that was some of the thickest taro milk tea I ever had. It was still pretty good though except, there were may too many bubbles. It’s like I get a small sip of the drink and like a mouth full of bubbles. Then I have to stop and chew the slightly hard and annoying bubbles that don’t exactly taste that great lol. So there was that. After that I went home and like usual, went to bed.

The rest is history. Oh that 8 lost streak is now a 10 lost streak. They call me the King of Games. Yugi Motto xd.

So yeah that was today. I know I’m normally a very moody person with the constant “I hate myself” and the “I want to kill myself,” but today was a happy day. I felt pretty happy πŸ™‚ lol.

Here is a picture of me looking extra shook:

my face when people say they’re shook

Okay I think I’m done. Have a nice day peeps and I will be seeing you guys and girls tomorrow~

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~


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