Day 76: Bonchonchonchon

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. February 16, 2017.

I really love half days. Why can’t every day be a half day? The day goes by so quickly :s

With that being said no much happened though.

Today I was lied to by Billy 😦 Feels bad. Yesterday he said he would get steak with me and that got me so excited because if you know me, well I love steak and for the longest time I have this steak craving that kind of goes away when I forget about it but when I think about I want it.

Anyways today during lunch he basically told me: “Jk, we’re not getting steak.” RIP. You can’t do me dirty like that 😦 Don’t get my hopes up and then crush them the day afterward. That’s not fair. So basically what happened was that Billy was like Ziwen should come to and Ziwen was like: “I don’t know if I can go xd.” Like what? Am I not good enough for you? 😦 Thanks a lot fam, makes me feel so much better btw.

And the thing about his decision is Ziwen is the most wishy washy indecisive person I know. Like even if he was given the chance, he still probably wouldn’t go! AODJOIDAJODIAJODISOISJOIDSJODSKODSMKODMWOEJOWJWOIJOWDOWMODOM~

Canceling our date because of Ziwen xd. I’m bitter af yo. And the thing is Ziwen couldn’t come get steak with us but when we switch it to pho, all the sudden he can come????????????????


Sigh. RIP Steak dream.

So after school comes and Billy, Ziwen and I gather and we head out. Except me and Billy are like miles ahead of Ziwen and crew and by the time I turn back, Ziwen and crew are all gone and I’m like: “What happened to Ziwen and crew?” I was later informed Ziwen ditched us LOL. Goddammit. Why am I not surprised? Mr. Wishy Washy ~~~~~ When we cater to you and you still ditch. I’m done ._. By that time, we were already like half way to Chinatown so RIP steak dream. Lol on our way there, we saw Linda and Yibin and I was hella tilted because I noticed I was jebaited 😦 First no steak dream and now you lead me into Yibin. Feelsbadman. Sad thing was the chances of us going to the same store was pretty high, luckily however, that was not the case xd. We got some Bonchon chicken ^_^

I got myself 8 piece wings and some fries, which I didn’t finish. While we were there, I was telling Billy how I was being stalked by two people (Damon and Danny) I hardly know. They followed me on most of my social medias and I’m just like: “But I really don’t know who you is xd.” And then speak of the Damon and Danny and their crew walk in xd. Spooky~ Confirmed being stalked xd.

Bonchon chicken is so good, especially the garlic soy~ I never knew I could get full of just 8 pieces of chicken lol. I barely touched my fries and didn’t want to waste them so I kind of awkwardly just gave them to Damon xd. Is it weird to give food to people you rarely know?

So me and Billy finish eating and roam Chinatown a bit. We went to Joey’s store to see if she was there but unfortunately she wasn’t 😦 RIP. I have yet to have ice cream from there. One day I’ll just awkwardly go there ouo.

Then we went home. I stopped by to pick up some posters. Then when I got home, I crashed and well the rest of the day was very similar to any other.

Lol wish me luck ^_^ for no reason 🙂
I wish I was more creative and artistic lol. Sorry~

Okay I’m going to go now. Bye for now~

-Ray, the one and only bitter sunflower~


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