Day 75: Doctor’s Appointment

Hey what is up guys, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. February 15, 2017!

Theory confirmed! Valentine’s Day in fact does inflate the prices of roses lol. They costed less than they did yesterday~ Hopefully these flowers don’t die on me, that would be unfortunate. My room is very toasty and chances are they’ll dry up. Slow tear 😦

Today was a half day. Yay for half days. The day past so quickly, just the way I like it!

Honestly the only thing I remember from today was Vivienne hugging her backpack.

I wish I had someone who hugged me like she hugged her backpack xd. Lol, it’s quite funny or maybe I’m just weird. No, I’m just lonely xd.

Every class flew by so quickly. Oh, during lunch I was scrambling to get my English homework done and these people from yearbook where taking pictures of the club and they kept taking pictures of me doing English homework :(! That’s not an accurate representation of SACA!

Today I had a doctor’s appointment, which is like yay and nay. Yay, I can maybe get the chance to play tennis. Nay, it took forever. Holy shit, I hate waiting for the doctors geeeeez. Waste of time 😦 I got a check up, 2 shots and a blood test. Ouch. I know I normally feel dead on the inside but having less blood makes me even feel more dead on the inside. Thanks fam.

Then I went to buy some flowers. Then I came home and literally died on my bed. Knocked out for like 2.5 hours. Why is it that naps make me more tired than before I take the nap. Makes no sense.

I feeling really lazy right now. I literally had no homework but I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m also wide awake right now because I took a nap earlier today. Hmmmmmm.

I never realized how tall the tall girls in my grade were. Like they’re literally giants. Like I knew they were tall but I didn’t think they were like 5’8” tall lol. That’s like 7-5 inches taller than the average bunch xd. Plus heels, and they’re like towers. lol.

I have a date tomorrow with Billy 🙂 We gonna get steak hehe! Can’t wait!

Margaret keeps bullying me 😦 Feels bad. Please trashtalk her the next time you see her.

Okay I go bye bye.

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~

i need some markers, a poster and some creativity
care to help :)?



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