Day 74: Valentine’s Ray

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post! February 14, 2017.

It is Valentine’s Day or well it was Valentine’s Day. It’s over now. Most of it is at least. Chilling at 11:19 pm when I still have English, Physics and Math. Yeah, bad decisions.

Anyways, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. Now Valentine’s Day is suppose to be this day full of love and happiness and shit like that but like usual, I must take everything that is happy in life and make it depressing.. It’s my job :0!

Love and happiness, those things don’t exist in my life. My life is full of hatred and sadness. Valentine’s Day is just another day where I get to be pessimistic. But wait Ray, you’re always pessimistic… Exactly ouo! Maybe one of these days I’ll celebrate it for love and happiness xd.

Okay so today my APUSH teacher told us this story of how she was spent flowers every Valentine’s Day by this guy. When the guy moved to German, he still sent flowers. Now I wasn’t sure if this story was suppose to make me feel any better because it didn’t. It’s a sad story. That guy is sad. ouo, why does he keep sending my teacher flowers. That’s like the ultimate friendzone. That’s deeper than the friendzone. That’s like the uh-oh-spaghetti-oh zone. RIP. Of course this story is missing a lot of context but still… seems kind of desperate.

Hopefully I don’t end up in the uh-oh-spaghetti-oh zone. I don’t know ouo.

I’m so glad that healthy food challenge is over. There was a bake sale today and I got myself an Oreo Cheesecake. It tastes pretty good~ Could use like 10 more of those.

Today in Spanish class we watched this video about this guy jumping off Angel Falls. I want to jump off a cliff too except if I jump off a cliff I probably wouldn’t survive. Which can be good or bad, depends. I need to find myself a cliff first. I don’t think there are any good cliffs where I live. I can’t find a new view around here :s

Then after that, there was a Physics quiz. I’m shocked that I might actually get 100 on this quiz. ouo, it was easy lol. I finished in 15 minutes but I spent forever going over my answers over and over again. Feels bad when I’m not confident in my answers. After awhile, I handed in my quiz and I looked over at my boy Lincoln and we basically got the same answers so we either both passed or both failed. Anyways, I noticed a fatal mistake on his quiz where he drew field lines coming out of the electron to the proton and I’m just like: “Please notice that, please notice that, please notice that lol.” Took him a while but right before he handed it in, he erased those arrowheads and I’m like: “Phew, not -20 for you xd.”

Oh yeah, so Margaret saw what I wrote unfortunately rip rip. Ever time I see her she keeps hitting me. Something tells me she likes me because she keeps hitting (on) me 😉

xdxdxd I think I’m funny sometimes. Not always, just sometimes hehe!

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~











you ever want to say things but you don’t know who you want to say them to?
who will care about what i have to say? no one.
i dont know. then again it’s not like i have anything to say.
or am i just telling that to myself so i don’t have to say anything?

life sucks when you don’t know
oh well
i’m fine, that’s all that matters right?




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