Day 72: Hype!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post! February 12, 2017.

I keep writing January (date), 2017 for some reason. It’s like already 12 days into February yet I still can’t get the month down šŸ˜¦

Okay so today was a pretty cool day. Woke up to a new BTS MV. I’m pretty sure their Never Walk Alone album just came out. Their first song Spring Day is pretty lit. The song is actually perfect lol. I remembered when Butterfly came out, I thought that song was perfect too but this one takes the cake. It’s so goooooooooood! Go listen to it!

Not only is the MV super goooooooooood, so is the song xdxd. The MV starts off with V kneeling in the middle of train tracks and apparently he dies xd.

Pretty good song although I noticed that J-Hope literally got 0 lines. No lines at all, that or I’m really bad at picking up his voice. šŸ˜¦ Feels bad. Can’t do my third favorite rapper dirty like that! And both people are like: “hey stfu it was a group effort and he was doing harmonies,” yeah I know, I just wished he had some lines though :0 He would add a different dimension to the song xd.

On the bright side though, my boy Rap Mon getting all the lines! It’s about time šŸ™‚ He got like 40 seconds worth, which I’m pretty sure is decent.

One question I have is why does everyone look like they have fake spray tan on? Ouo, they all look so tan. It looks weird.

Okay so there was that. The other hype thing about today was Cloud 9 Blue vs Cloud 9 White! So Cloud 9 played against Flyquest today and that match was hype as fuck. For those who don’t know, Flyquest is basically old Cloud 9 with Hai, Lemon and Balls while the new Cloud 9 has Impact, Contractz, Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie. Being a long time C9 fan just made this game that much more hype. Hai, the super good shotcaller vs Jensen, his replacement. Clapin America vs Hairon Man lol. It’s the C9 Civil War.

Not only was I hyped for these games, these games delivered big time. Cloud 9 Blue is currently the #1 team in NALCS while Cloud 9 White are #2, so it was a fight for first place. I honestly thought that C9 would 2-0 Flyquest, but it was a 3 game series. Game 1, Flyquest was in the lead for almost the entire game until they threw at baron and then Cloud 9 took over the game from there. Jensen is literally a god. There were so many times were he should of died yet he did because of his insane kiting skills. Game 2, Flyquest were once again in the lead and they clapped Cloud 9. They took that game. Hai steamrolling everyone on Corki, it was disgusting. After game 2, I was like: “Oh shit, Cloud 9 might actually lose the series. Not good!” Then in game 3, the game was really close. There was a small remake because there was a bug that masked the damage of MF ultimate. It was really back and forth, but in the end Cloud 9 took the series 2-1 and they are still the #1 team in NALCS. Feels good to be a Cloud 9 fan right now. This is the era of Cloud 9! Yeahhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyy!

Okay but in other news… You know how yesterday I started working on the website for cemetery. Well today I finished it xd. I really don’t understand why I told my group that I would check out during the website process and then proceed to do the website all by myself. Huh. Truly counter logic. I can’t exactly blame my group either because I literally just sat down and did it. It wasn’t that hard and I’m pretty efficient at working and I just kind of got done. xdxd. That and well it is due in like 8 days and nobody has done anything yet sooooooooooooooooo… if you want to get things done, you’ll have to do it yourself because you can’t really rely on other people.

Tomorrow is Monday.. boohoo! I have to make myself a doctor’s appointment. Get my physical signed~

That is all. Have a nice day as I go finish homework hehe!

-Ray, the one and only Cloud 9 sunflower~


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