Day 71: Welp

Hey what is up guys, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. February 11, 2017.

I should really stop playing League of Legends. This game makes me too salty. Just a few days ago I was on a 7 lost streak and now I’m on a new 8 lost streak. Yay me. I’m so good at this game 🙂 Save me…

Today I got rid of the mop on my head xd. Finally got a haircut. Should have gotten one during the New Years but I was too lazy.

Why are roses so expensive? They’re like $16 for a dozen 😦 Is it because of Valentine’s Day? Inflating the prices of roses for no reason 😦

I ordered some things online, hopefully they’ll come in soon.

Do you like to give people second chances? Personally, I have no idea. Depends on the person. So someone today was like: “Hey you should go so-and-so a second chance” and I’m just like: “Look fam, the person had so many chances and the person fucked up big time. I don’t know.”

Spent some quality time starting up the website part of the Cemetery project. The timeline is kind of extra 😦 It reminds me of the horrors of the actual Cemetery project. PTSD up in here.

Oh so today I learned that Kevin and Kazi are planning to take each other to prom xd. I saw this coming from a mile away. The way he explained it was kind of weird though. “It was a mutual agreement that they would take each other.” Umm fam, what kind of agreement isn’t mutual? RIP Jimmy xd. Then again I heard Jimmy wanted to ask Felicia to prom but that’s a no no cause Nate has to ask Felicia 😦 Still RIP Jimmy xdxd.

Not much happened today. Not much happens any day :0 :0!

Maybe tomorrow will be more spicy :s

-Ray, the one and only tired sunflower~


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