Day 68: Random Title

I couldn’t think of a title, drawing a blank.

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. February 7, 2017.

You know, I tell myself every night that I would go to sleep earlier but I never go to sleep any earlier. It’s a shame.

How does one stop procrastinating and also stop falling asleep while trying to do their homework? Life is hard.

Today was probably one of the most boringest days yet. I feel like nothing happened today.

Didn’t really do anything in math. I learned more about proofs and I hate proofs because it reminds me of geometry class and I hate geometry class because my teacher was horrible/hated me for no good reason. PTSD.

Then in APUSH we watched these “movies” during the 1920s. They were interesting to say the least. The movies made me really sleepy. I wanted to sleep through the entire thing so bad but I couldn’t. Why do teachers make you do worksheets when watching things? Can’t I just watch the video for the sake of watching and enjoying the video? I don’t want to fill out these useless questions. In other words, just let me sleep dammit 😦 My teacher kept yelling at me every time I put my head down. Something about that classroom makes me sleepy as fuck.

Lunch was boring as well. Couldn’t find a spot to eat since literally all the normal places I go were occupied. Lol the struggles of finding a place to eat is real. Ended up making a trip and a half around the building only to decide to eat on the fourth floor. Half way into lunch I went to see my counselor to get my fee waiver for the SAT cause I’m poor. Something about my counselor seems unsettling. Then I spent the rest of lunch in the basement :^) doing basement things like listening to music and scrolling through Twitter.

Oh apparently someone promposed to someone. I missed that. Also apparently two other guys wanted to ask that girl too, so rip them I guess.

For English we had to write these stupid formal paragraphs and introducing quotes and stuff. I don’t know, seems pointless.

Then Spanish we just reviewed stuff about the movie and the Spanish Civil War.

Finally there was physics. We got back our tests and I took an L. Those AU questions threw me off so much. Feels bad. Starting the short quarter with an L. I’m also kind of lost in the new chapter. I don’t really understand what’s going on. We also tried to do Lab #13, the charge lab except the directions were kind of confusing and I kept misusing the wrong values. 😦 It was sort of frustrating.

How do you tell someone you want to hook up with them for prom? Just get your friend to message their friend. Simple duh. 🙂

You know when you’re having a conversation with some people about one thing and then someone just says something completely random/unrelated and you’re just like… what?

Like me and two other people are talking about prom and then the fourth person jumps in like: Yeah, I can totally see so-and-so as a mother. I’m just like: …what? Umm okay? I guess? Huh? Kind of random. Just a bit. It’s prom… it’s not that serious xd.

If you had to guess out of Billy, Ziwen, and Lincoln, who could it be? Ding ding ding, you probably guessed correctly.

Okay, I shall go do homework now. I’m about to fall asleep again. Tragic.

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~



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