Day 66: Mistakes


Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post. February 5, 2017!

So today was unlike yesterday. Yesterday was a chill day where I was unmotivated to do anything. Today I made a grand mistake that made me wish I didn’t spend so much time yesterday recording a rant video.

So today I uploaded the rant video about Yibin and the Cemetery project. Unfortunately, that’s the issue. In this rant video, there was evidence that Yibin was plagiarizing from another document. Now I knew if I uploaded the video, there was a chance that someone would snitch on me. I uploaded it anyways.

I’m an idiot. I literally put my entire group (minus Yibin) in jeopardy. I don’t know who saw the video but I know realize: holy shit literally anyone can tell my teacher and I would be screwed. Now honestly I didn’t think that anyone would consider doing it but then again there are people out there who just absolutely hate me.

I don’t know; I’m like legit scared now. I fucked up. Goddamit.

When will I learn it’s not worth getting angry over stupid things? Why am I so dumb :0

It’s sort of funny how I went from being the snitcher to being afraid of being snitched. Oh how the tables have turned. And it’s not like I’m afraid of the things I’ve said because I would never take that back. It’s just, if a teacher sees this video and they see that Yibin copied from another document and they know that I know that Yibin copied from another document, they would question why I have access to the document. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t use the document, having the document makes me equally suspicious.

I’m also scared that someone screenshotted pictures from the video. That would be the worst. Fuck. Honestly just hope that Ryan doesn’t troll me. ._. I know he has a gripe against me but still… Praying that he pities me just a little bit.

Ugh ugh. I should just keep my mouth shut.
Why am I so stupid. Ugh ugh.

Hmm. Suicide now? or suicide later? :0

I just hope nothing happens. I really can’t afford getting in trouble over this xd. My group members will hate me forever. Rip rip. What have I done. I’m stupid.

On the slightly brighter side: I have an A in Spanish šŸ™‚

I guess bribing my luck actually worked xd.

Still offering to buy people bubble tea~

Have some bubble tea with me xd

I’m lonely






-ray, the one and only stupid sunflower~


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