Day 64: Truce

(work in progress)

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post! February 3, 2017.

It’s finally Friday! I waited an entire week and now I can finally work on the saltiest video in the history of salty videos. :^)

Today was an alright day I guess.

Honestly the hardest part of the day is probably waking up on time and going to sleep and time. Everything else is manageable. But hey, if you don’t wake up you don’t have to deal with the day xd (insert meme).

Today in precalc I learned more about trig identities. I haven’t memorized them yet so I’m a bit slow solving the problems but at least I get it. It’s just a lot of memorization sigh. I need to sit down and actually crack open my textbook once and awhile. Maybe if I try a bit more I’ll be able to be better at precalc 🙂 There are two people who have like 100 average and I know that should inspire me to do well but at the same time it’s like: damn, I’ll never be as smart as them or damn why do I suck so much xd. Getting a 100 on every test, holy shit. I’m envious. If I could get like 95% of what they have I would be happy. Hmm. Maybe 3rd quarter will be the quarter where I change things around. No point in complaining; time to make a change. Mark my words, 3rd quarter will finally be the quarter where I get 95 in both precalc. It’s not going to happen though, but I like to believe. It’s also demoralizing sometimes when I do put in the effort but get no results and at that point I just accept: okay, I’m dumb as fuck. I just need help transferring my knowledge to test results. Ask me to do it in class, okay I could probably do it. Ask me to do it on the test and all the sudden I have no idea what I’m doing. We’ll see.

APUSH on a Friday is like the lowest key of classes. We don’t do anything since we’re in the lunchroom xd. We didn’t have internet today so we didn’t do anything. Having class in the lunchroom is so uncomfortable. The lunch tables are so low.

Lincoln was depressed today rip. He failed his math quiz that determined his math grade for the quarter. Kept talking about jumping off the bridge. 😦

Had chamomile tea during tea party. It tasted kind of weird though, not the same as the kind I’m used to hmm. Today Yibin was like: “Fried chicken is the reason why I’m slow” and Abel started to point to his head and repeated “Slow.” and I started dying lol.

We started to do play writing in English class for our writing workshop. I already know what I’m writing my play about. Starts with a C ends with a Y. Featuring our lovely cast of Ray, Paul, Marc, Dan and Yves. :^) Coming soon.

In Spanish we finished the movie Butterfly’s Tongue. The ending was pretty sad. xd. Although I felt like it ended abruptly.

We started to learn about static friction in physics. I’m still kind of bitter that we didn’t get 10 minutes to finish the test 😦 Unlucky. I got at least 3 questions wrong so I’m donezo. Pretty much failed.

We had this blood drive assembly, followed by a student ran minority march to city hall. It’s a shame that I didn’t actively support this march. I’m not much of a protester. I did math homework instead xd.

Something funny I heard today was from Jason. Yibin asked what Jason got on his physics midterm and Jason replied with 92 and then he asked what Yibin got and then xd. So savage.

After school, I got pizza with some of my friends. Somehow they ended up talking about some serious issues which I didn’t feel like talking about. Like I’m trying to enjoy my pizza, stop talking about the FDA xd. And then Longteng was like: “If I found the cure to cancer I wouldn’t share it with the public and probably would destroy it. That much power is insane.” Huh. That was interesting. I don’t agree with him.

Then I went home. Ended up taking the same train as Tina somehow. We decided to call it truce on our healthy food challenge thing. It only lasted for one week, how sad. We were deciding between Chipotle or McDonalds (we’re so healthy btw) and went with Chipotle. Lol if we went to McDonalds I was honestly thinking about ordering a salad and technically I would have won hehe. But we didn’t. Oh how I miss Chipotle. Haven’t had it since last year June 15. We both got burrito bowls. I was surprised that I even finished since I already had pizza. Chipotle is good. So is juicy gossip 🙂

Then I went home home and fell asleep LOL. I literally just died on my bed. I laid down and didn’t get up again. Slept through dinner. My mom got mad xd. Slept for four hours, what a shame. Then I decided to play league with Margaret. I don’t know how it’s possible to have someone saltier than I am at this game. I do love me some next gen salt/screaming 🙂

I ended the day with checking out my English grade. I was so scared to look because I actually actually failed my English midterm. Like failed with a capital F. Click click. Looked at my grade. Papa bless. Borderline A. 😦

That’s all for today. I shall go work on my fabulously salty video coming out soon. Look forward to Ray’s Rants #7 Group Projects the Death of Me Part 2 Cemetery Edition.

-Ray, the one and only healthy sunflower~


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