Day 61: Drowsy

It’s the last day of January ouo!
We about to go 2 months of shitty daily blogs xdxd!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily blog! January 31, 2017.

The one thing that is probably ruining my life the most is the amount of sleep I receive every night. It’s troublesome. I know you’re suppose to get like 8 hours of sleep every day but I just don’t see how that’s possible.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly tired 99% of the time. Tired enough to have resting bitch face/resting kill myself face in the classes I don’t like xdxd.

I have this fucked up cycle where I go to sleep late, wake up early, feel drowsy, attend classes drowsy, fall asleep in some, get past the day, go home, start homework, uh oh too tired, go to sleep for x amount of hours, wake up, eat, uh oh it’s pretty late, do homework till I don’t know when and uh oh it’s still fairly late.

I’m not too sure how to fix my sleep either. Going to sleep earlier doesn’t help since I just can’t fall asleep early enough. I just keep tossing and turning in my bed. 😦

I was struggling to stay awake in APUSH today. The classroom just has a really nice setting to just fall asleep in. It’s dark, kind warm and the tables are nice and long so I can actually fold my arms and drop dead. My teacher lecturing in the background also adds a nice dimension. I tried really hard to not fall asleep. I even sit literally in front of my teacher but you know.. sleep>class.

All this talk about being sleepy makes me want an energy drink πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I can’t have one sighhhhhhhhhhhh. I want to OD on Monster. Sounds plausible. I’ll have to wait until I win though.

I have a math test tomorrow and I fell asleep tiring to study for it. Lol, it’s kind of sad. I was doing pretty well in the beginning but then it just hit me and I felt way too sleepy to move or do anything. Then after I hear my alarm, I panic cause I still have this test to study for and well the same process happens. I do fine for a good amount of time and then I just fall asleep. I fell asleep on my textbook the second time xd. Woke up my mother yelling at me, telling me I should sleep earlier. She’s right, I should but I don’t know how to.

I don’t like math. Stop forcing me to like math. Ugh.

A classmate today made the comparison that my math teacher is Dory. She just keeps on talking and talking and sometimes loses tracks of things and she seems really excited about math and shit and I’m like Marlin where I just don’t care. Like I can not afford to spend so much energy in first period math class. I have 5 other classes I need to deal with okay? And I have a limit source of enthusiasm and I would rather use it in other classes such as physics.

Lol today while walking into physics class Mr. Lebold asked me, “Hey Ray, what are we going to do in physics class today,” which I replied with, “We’re gonna have fun today in physics class! YEAH!” He replied with, “Well, what else is new xd.” Physics is fun even though I failed my midterm 😦 I would rather spend my energy there cause it’s just plugging in numbers and memorizing equations and side stories.

If Mr. Lebold was teaching AP Physics, I would have definitely chose AP Physics. But he isn’t which is sad stuff. Oh well, AP Chemistry shouldn’t be that bad. Although I’m not too sure what AP Chemistry will do if I want to be a like an engineer lol.

I have a one on one socratic seminar with my Spanish teacher tomorrow. I just had to be sick on the day of the actual socratic. Fuck me 😦 The moment I do not know how to answer her question is the moment I know my grade is slowly but surely dropping 😦 I wish I was a bit more proficient in Spanish. I feel bad for being so bad in Spanish xd. Like I’m sorry, I know I took four years of this language but I’m still trash at it. Yo quiero morirme.

Spanish songs are hypee though. I can’t stop listening to Marc Antony “Vivir mi Vida”

February is coming up. Happy happy fun time or sad sad depressed times? Who knows, although the latter seems more realistic.

Pray for me on this math test. I’m sick of failing these math test. I’m so dumb.

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~


one of these days it will be over


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