Day 58: Bury Me Alive

On the 28th day of January my lover gave to me: a keep calm and kill yourself poster!

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another blog post.

I am seriously about to lost it. I spent more than 12 hours on this stupid cemetery project. Started at around 10:30 and now it’s like 11:02.

The good news is that we have like more than enough documents and we went from 1 2/3 pages to 3 pages to 6 pages. We’re at the final stretch. Getting there. 😦 Also Dan is working! Holy shit~ It’s a miracle. He’s been doing a lot of document analysis. Yay~

The bad news is Yibin still isn’t doing anything. He went to winter formal yesterday, which I get it you want to have fun and all but seriously…………… when you haven’t done anything in forever and you still decide to go to formal. Sigh. Then today, he literally analyzed one document every 30 mins, which is slow af. Also sometimes he would just press space bar to look like he’s working, cause it says he edited something… but in the end it’s just a space. Also today during the night, he was outside playing card games instead of working on cemetery. This guy… seriously… I strongly advise you not to work with him. Please.

I’m so done with this project. Literally the funniest thing I’ve read today was that the son of my person had a daughter named Milla Graham. Milla Graham. Milligram!

It’s fucking hilarious!

Out, I’m done.

Send help.

and food.

-Ray, the one and only tired sunflower~


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