Day 57: Lunar New Year :)

On the Chinese New Years my lover gave to me: lots and lots of red envelopes ^_^! Make it rain! If only šŸ˜¦

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post about my fairly uninteresting life. January 27, 2017.

Today is Chinese New Years!!! Yay~ Happy New Years peeps! Hope you guys had lots of fun eating and getting money. I enjoyed the eating part but I didn’t get much moneies šŸ˜¦ So sad. Apparently one of my friends already got 600$! Insane.

Not really much to say about New Years. It was going great until my parents starting fighting xd. They seriously couldn’t choose a better date.. like I’m trying to celebrate over here. Take your petty stuff else where.

Okay, so today I took a trip around the city for fun. Just kidding, it wasn’t for fun. I had to go back to all the places I did research and take some lovely photos. It wasn’t that fun. It was snowing at first, but then it stopped. The wind was really windy! My face felt numb a couple of times. We went back to the cemetery and let me tell you, roaming the cemetery seems etchy sketchy. xd Hope you guys don’t find me on the 6 o’clock news.

On the way home I bumped into a familiar face. For some reason I keep bumping into the sister of an old friend. Her name is Elaine and she’s really short lol. She asked if I still remembered her and after bumping into her countless times, how can I forget? The last time I saw her was at the night market. Then the time beforeĀ that was at a pizzeria. Then the time beforeĀ that was at a cherry blossom festival. Then before that was at the library. Lol, I keep bumping into her. She asked me how I was doing and such. I should have asked how her sister was doing xd. I’m so rude. I haven’t talked to her in like ages. Wonder if she’s still the same bitchy person from 4th grade. People change.. right?

Okay so… only a few more days until my Cemetery project is due! Ayyyyy. One of the most tragic things I’ve encountered is, as I’m trying to write the biography I noticed I don’t have enough information. Feels bad. So as I’m writing, I’m also doing research and find new docs and fill in this information and it’s so frustrating. My computer keeps freezing because of the countless tabs I have open and it’s an old laptop too. SIGH! I’m sorry, I know. I rant about this shit all the time. It tilts me.

I might come back to edit this and write more, but for now I shall return to work. Wish me luck!

-Ray, the one and only complaining angry sunflower~



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