“Hey, nice to meet you,” I said.
She was a sweet, pretty looking girl
A new face, someone I barely knew
We talked a bit and got to know each other
One day. Two days. A week. A month. Years.
Then it sort of just happened…

“Hey, I have something to tell you…” I said.
I didn’t know if I should have said it
“I.. uh..” I stumbled.
I struggled to say words
“I like you…” I said.
She had a confused expression on her face
and started to back away slowly
Mistakes were made.
“Haha, I’m just kidding!” I expressed.
I smiled and played it cool
We carried on with our day
as if nothing happened

By the end of it all
I wanted to hide
In a corner
I wanted to cry
Alone, by myself
I felt stupid
What did I expect?
I didn’t know
what was worse
Her reaction
or mine
I relived it over
and over again
I felt devastated





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