Day 54: Munchkins

On the 24th day of New Years my lover gave to me: Munchkins. I just want munchkins all the sudden. When someone my friend posts (5) 5 free munchkins coupons and I’m like, “I want munchkins.” Give me munchkins. Simple ^.^ Pretty please~ As you can see, the title of the blog post rarely has anything to do with the actual blog post. Haha!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the daily nightly blog post of the day. January 24, 2017.

Do you ever feel unmotivated and just want to give up in life but you know you can’t give up in life because that would be problematic? Me. Well not to worry, after listening to this, you’ll be motivated in no time ^.^ Ten hours of quality motivation. If only this was my alarm every day, maybe I would get up more.

Waking up is hard. Hitting snooze and sleeping for like 5 more minutes is so much better than waking up and getting out of bed. Today I had cereal since I ate corn dog yesterday but after I poured my cereal, I realized there wasn’t enough milk. Feels bad 😦 Just unlucky! Eating half wet half dry cereal is meh. Always have a full gallon of milk half when making cereal.

Precalc was just about learning new concepts today. Learning about the inverse of trig functions. It’s okay, I understand most of it but I don’t get how you get the arc(trig fx) of a trig function.

In APUSH I was assigned a group and we were given an island that the United States “helped.” We were suppose to draw to perspective, what the United States though and what the island though of the United States’ “help.” In my group only one person could draw so you know, kind of unfortunate. It’s okay though, I was moral support/comical relief. No put seriously though the only person who could draw drew houses that all look extra shook. I mean I know the Filipinos were shook when the Americans came over, but where their houses also shook?

Then there was lunch. I just ate lunch. Exciting isn’t it? The usual, “hey guys cemetery is due soon please work on the project i’m begging you” stuff.

Then I had English class. Oh poor Mrs. Avelin. I fell asleep in her class… rip. I didn’t mean too, I just couldn’t stay awake. I tried my hardest to pay attention and to keep myself awake, but I was seriously struggling to lift my head off the table. I never knew I get that tired, huh. Anyways, she sniped me in the middle of class but I managed to answer the question correctly anyways. Then after class, she pulled me over and asked if I was okay. I wasn’t too sure if she was offended that I slept during her class or that I looked extra tired and was basically lifeless. I didn’t know how to answer so I just said that I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Then she asked, why don’t get you get enough sleep? To which I lied, oh you know, I just can’t fall asleep (half true, half not true). I mean I couldn’t tell her that my life story of why I’m tired. Too much. Anyways, she said I should go see a doctor. I probably should, but you know, for other reasons not related to sleeping xd.

One reason for the lack of sleep is this shit right here:

Lovely chart provided by Ziwen himself. At the bottom is the total amount of hours people worked on cemetery so far. We got ourselves so interesting numbers: 5.5, 27.25, 44.75, 6.75, and 15.75. Now the first person who only worked for a total of 5.5 hours… is that Yibin? No. Surprise, surprise! It’s Dan. I’m not surprised. Then with 27.25 hours, it’s Ziwen! Yay, probably the only other person in my group that I can count on to do anything lolxd. Then at 44.75 hours, it’s me Ray 😦 Then coming in with an impressive 6.75 hours, it’s Yibin. And last but not least, with 15.75 hours, it’s Lincoln. As you can see, there’s a big difference in the amount of work people are doing and it’s literally killing me right now. I don’t want to fucking do all of this over the weekend. Geez. Kill myself right now. But I still believe… not really. I swear if anyone tries to inflate the amount of hours they did without actually doing those hours, you will never hear the end of me. That would trigger me so much. Do that and I’m like already half done writing this letter about how XYZ did absolutely nothing. You know what’s sad. I told Yibin to work on Cemetery today and he was like yeah I’ll work on it. Has he worked on it? No. Sigh.

You know, I’ve come to the point where I even considered.. maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m expecting too much.

On top of this, my Spanish teacher decided that it would be a great idea to have a Spanish Socratic seminar. Ummm…. please no. I’m so done. It’s 50 points too… Yo quiero morirse ahora por favor porque mi espanol es basura y estoy nervioso cuando hablo.

I still need to analyze and take notes 😦 😦 😦

I still need to read my English book.

Sigh. I go bye bye for now~

-Ray, the one and only stressed out sleepy af sunflower~

p.s. kindly asking for those munchkins ❤


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