Being successful
It’s a dream
It’s something I want to be
It’s also a nightmare
What if I’m not successful?
What if I’m a failure in life?
What if everything my parents said were true?
Good for nothing. Lazy. Useless. Pathetic. Stupid.

What is the cost of being successful?
Is it my happiness?
Is it my well-being?
Is it my time?
Is it my friends?
Is it me?

What is the definition of being successful?
Is it finally doing something I always wanted to do?
Is it doing what interests me?
Is it saying what I want to say?
Is it making my parents proud?
Is it making lots of money?
Is it being happy?

One word
One question


“Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment. Would you capture it, or just let it slip? Yo”
– Eminem, Lose Yourself


3 thoughts on “Successful

  1. I have been through similar dilemma since the past 3-4 years…finally found out that I love writing and reading so why not try to get a career out of it. I am still at the beginning of this adventure but I am loving it! Just look for the basics that you like to do…those are things that usually turn out to be our calling 😉 Best of luck!

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