Day 52: The Countdown

On the 22th day of New Years my lover gave to me: a joke. What kind of tea is hard to swallow? Reality. Ouch.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the daily nightly blog post of the day! January 22, 2017. Wow, January is almost over. Would you look at that. Amazing.. not really~ I’m glad it’s over soon.

Now you might wondering why this post is titled “The Countdown.” If you weren’t before, you’re probably wondering now ^_^ Today marks 7 days before Doomsday, before all hell breaks loose, before I run around like a headless chicken, before I become stressed out and sleep deprived, before I live a nightmare, etc. In other words, 7 days from now is the day my Cemetery project is due. You know that project that I always keep mentioning and complaining about, yeah that one is due soon. Yay and nay.

To refresh everyone’s memory and just because I like to complain about this subject, my group is basically only 3 people, even though we’re suppose to have 5. There’s me (who is semi-decent/just doing what I can because I have no idea what to do), there’s Ziwen (who’s on the same boat), and there’s Lincoln. So what happened to the other two people? Well there’s Dan (who is a running protege and cares about running more than he cares about Cemetery) and then there’s Yibin (who just doesn’t do work and I’m not even being bias).

Now I will give credit where credit is due, he did go to the library with us once, went to the historical society and he did go find a deed with Ziwen. He also wrote 1.5 fragments in about 2 hours (impressive). He’s really good at moving his typing cursor up and down a document. He also has provided us with 2 credit cards so we could use (which I guess is something but anyone could of done that). Oh and he’s really good at telling my group that Cemetery is due in X amount of days. There’s that. Besides that he really hasn’t done anything (compared to what me and Ziwen did).

I mean I can rant about Yibin all I want but that wouldn’t get me anywhere would it? This guy literally has the shittiest working ethics ever. Take their French project for example. Lincoln and Yibin are in the same French group for a project. Obviously Lincoln doesn’t want Yibin in his group because he has a reputation of not doing anything or contributing very minimal work. And there’s a reason why he has this reputation, it’s because it’s true. Lincoln and his other group mate basically two manned the project and Yibin basically took credit for a part that he barely did. Now according to Lincoln, he wrote a sentence and then proceeded to put down that both Lincoln and Yibin worked on that section. Lincoln spent the entire day yesterday trying to come up with vocab and Yibin also put that down even though he didn’t do anything (I’m not sure if these two things fall under the same category). I mean I know life is unfair and all, but that’s just not right. How the fuck did we end up with this guy?

Dan isn’t any better. All he does is run all day.

I wrote something else but I’m not sure if it was appropriate or not so I decided to take it out of today’s post.



I can’t wait until this is all over. I just don’t want to worry about this anymore. I don’t want to complain about this anymore. I don’t want to stress about this anymore. Ugh. I spent a good chunk of today filling out the abstract but it turns out I didn’t have enough information about his children so I had to go look for those. That took a while but in the process I found more documents lol. Ziwen wrote the introduction already, I didn’t even notice. I still hope that one of these days we could sit down and just work. I would like that. Just sitting down and working. I honestly don’t think it’s hard. We just need to gather and do the work. It’s doable.

In other news, C9 Blue and C9 White are both 2-0 in the first week of LCS. That’s pretty cool! C9 Blue (the official C9 team) and C9 White (FlyQuest/C9 Challenger). I love all the people on both teams and it’s cool that they’re both in first place hehe!

Have a nice day! Smile 🙂

That is all.

-Ray, the one and only done sunflower~



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