Day 51: Ramen Noodles

On the 21st day of New Years my lover gave to me: the best stuff on earth, ramen noodles ^_^! Feels good man.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the daily blog post of the day. January 21, 2017.

I spent today doing things outside… sort of. I woke up at 7 am so I could go to the Women’s March with some friends. Unfortunately we were going because it was an extra credit opportunity. I would have liked to support the movement but unfortunately I wasn’t there to do so. Feels bad. I can’t believe we still live in a world where women and men aren’t equal and we have a fucking bigot misogynist as our president. Life sucks.

The event was at 10 am and I headed out with a friend (Tina) at around 8:30. After some commuting and following some peeps with pink hats and interesting signs, we made it to the main gathering for the march. There was so many people there. Like a crazy amount of people. I haven’t seen so many people in one place at one time. It sort of made me scared for reasons I shouldn’t think of. Anyways there, we met up with another friend (Rebecca) and we just kind of awkwardly stood in the middle of the street waiting for our fourth friend to show up.

It was fairly cold, so we decided to take refuge in a cafe even though we didn’t buy anything. It was nice and cozy in there and they had these cool white blinking lights but unfortunately the lights are racist because their white, or so that’s what I’m told.

Anyways, after a few minutes we leave and enter the cold again. The fourth friend (Vivvy) took forever to show up. We decided that when she did show up, we would bounce up and down like weirdos. So we practiced and we waited. Except no one swa her and apparently she walked right past us without us noticing lol so that plan was ruined. No joke, trying to spot short people in a crowd is like finding a needle in a haystack, it’s unnecessarily hard.

Anyways Vivvy finally showed up and we just kind of stood there and walked the marchers march by for a while. We then gathered evidence that we were in fact at the march and we left. Some day I’ll come back as a supporter…

It was about 10:30ish and I was hungry and wanted food. We decided we would have ramen and we started to walk towards the ramen shop. I was told that the ramen shop opened at 11:00, so we decided to walk around in a farmer’s market for a while. First steps into the market and I spelled meat lol. Made me even more hungry. We walked around… pass some flowers (which were hell of expensive, how do people afford to give flowers to people :0), a candy shop and we were trying to find the “mushroom lady” except she wasn’t there so that was kind of disappointing.

In the mist of everything, I saw some random person mixing a giant bowl of salad and that was oddly satisfying. I know, I’m weird. It was close to 11 am, so we made our way to the ramen shop. We peaked inside and it was like dead empty. That’s when we were told that it wasn’t actually open until 11:30 am… rip someone lied to me 😦

So now we had 30 minutes to kill. We decided to go to an underground market and kill some time. We spent a good time walking around and then we reached the ramen isle and well… let’s just say that Vivvy was about the buy out the entire ramen section.

I swear she was ready to close her eyes and literally purchase everything she grabbed, which would have been everything… Haha! Feels bad though, can’t believe her mom doesn’t let her eat ramen. Tastes really good :^) Although it’s not healthy and would probably make you fat. Rip rip.

She bought 2 cups of ramen and a black tea drink. She said she would give a review of the ramen and tea, wonder where I could find that hmm…

Anyways back to the isle of ramen, there was so many different kinds of ramen. Korean ramen is my favorite because of the texture of the noodles. They’re much thicker than the other ones.

I want to do a instant ramen taste test video. A video where I just eat all sorts of instant ramen ^_^ That would sound fun!

Today I learned that Tina really like corn. Huh. You hate peppers but you like corn ouo, hmm. Anyways, there was this weird corn candy (not to get confused with candy corn, that shit is gross) that she liked and she bought and bunch and I tried it and well, it tasted like corn. It tasted a bit weird at first and my initial reaction was it tasted weird and I didn’t like it… but over time it kind of grew on me. I don’t know, it tastes like corn candy.. very sweet and gummy lol. It’s alright, I probably wouldn’t buy it but I’d eat it xd!

You know when stores leave candy in the open with no security cameras? Well this underground market didn’t have a camera near the open candy and I was very tempted in stealing some xd! But I didn’t because what if I got caught? That would be unfortunate.

So after, we went back to the ramen shop! This time there was more people and there was an actual line lol. It was a good thing we came early because the place got packed so quickly! It was insane.

I got myself a shoyu ramen with chicken and a mini karaage rice bowl. Everyone else got shoyu ramen with pork ouo.

The rice bowl came before the noodles and I wanted to take a picture of my food together (I’m basic), so I decided to wait. Rebecca also got the rice bowl but like she devoured that thing in like 5 minutes or maybe less.. It looked good and I was tempted to just eat it but gotta do it for the picture ^_^ Lol, my instagram is basically just me and food. I’m like the most basic you can get. All I do is post food, which might give off the impression that I’m out going but I’m really not. I just like to eat food and I’m too ugly for anyone to like my photos 😦 So I have to be relatable and well everyone loves food.

Our noodles finally came and boy was the bowl hot. I burned my finger trying to move it. I was getting ready to take a picture when suddenly Rebecca and Vivvy decided to make sure everything was spot on. Lol, Vivvy burned her finger touching the bowl too. In the end, their efforts were wasted because I tried my hardest to take a bad photo :^)

And then we ate. Yum yum in my tum tum.

And then the bill came and we all had large bills so splitting the cost was a tragedy. In the end we all owe Rebecca a dollar. Unlike other people, I won’t forget lol. In fact, half the time when I pay people back they’re like “huh, what’s this for.” For example, once I had Tina pay for a salad I had because I had no money and she still insisted that we should eat. It costed like 14-15$ and I payed her back in 2-3 days and when I gave her the money she was like “what’s this for” and in my mind I was like, “wow I could have gotten away with $15” lol. I’m bitter about people who forget to pay you back. Tragic 😦

After that, we all ended to the train station and headed home. You ever get really tired even though you really didn’t do anything? Yeah, I get that all the time. I was tired.

Lol for some reason, I find it funny when people are like falling asleep and they’re bobbing their heads back and forth. I look over at Tina and she’s like gone haha. I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird ouo.

I get home and the first thing I do is post that picture on instagram because you know, priorities. Then I just crashed and slept for awhile. When I woke up, I went on a mission to look through all my sources and sort them out and find out which ones can actually be used in my project. Took a while but at least I finished.

I am dead tired right now so, I’m going to end the blog here.

How is your day going? Hopefully it’s swell but if it’s not, then unlucky 😦

There is no silly quote of the day 😦

-Ray, the one and only dead tired sunflower~

sorry for any typos, dead tired.




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