Day 50: Friday again!

On the 20th day of New Years my lover gave to me: money, money, money, (hey)! Make it rain 🙂

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily blog post of the day. January 20, 2017.

Today was a normal day again. No midterms. That shit is over. Now I have to grief over my poor grades and my lost As.

I got my multiple choice part of my math midterm back and just like I feared, I confused the cotangent and the tangent graphs and also the tangent itself and got 3 questions wrong. If I got those 3 questions correct, I would of have an acceptable grade but now I hate myself. Sigh sigh~

In APUSH I was given another free period to do any sort of work I wanted to but I didn’t do anything relevant. I can’t work at school, it’s just impossible. Instead, I sat there contemplating about life and my cemetery project. I just want to get it down and over with. I’m sick of cemetery. Get me out of here.

There was no Tea Party today which made me very sad. I like my weekly dose of free tea 😦 I even remember to bring my mug every Friday like a responsible tea lover. Feels bad.

Spent lunch talking about college and jobs. Everyone seems like they know what they want to do. Business, med, med, med and science. I still have no idea what I want to do. Part of me wants to do film production and video editing but I know my parents wouldn’t let me get into entertainment so computer science it is 😦 Life is sad. I just want to do something I enjoy and also make money. Too much to ask for.

I have a new student teacher in English class who I’m not too excited to get to know. My teacher just went around and check our revision plan for our personal essays. I’m just glad the student teacher never approached me and asked about mine because that would be kind of weird. “Oh yeah you know I wrote about how doing YouTube turned me into a cyber bully… and I like it” ^_^ I’m sure she wouldn’t find anything wrong with that.

Then in Spanish I watched a short movie that was so sad. It was basically about these two parents and their son who seems to have forgotten about them. The son calls to tell the parents that he’s coming home and the parents are hella excited. The father decides to go out of his way to cut down a tree so his son can park his car. He even wonders about what kind of car his son has. After all that hard work, the son calls again only to say that he can’t actually come home. The parents are hella sad and the next morning the father plants another tree.

So sad. It made me think about how old the first tree was and was it also the same process? Was the first tree planted when the son called x amount of years ago 😦 Show your parents so love ^_^

It’s kind of ironic coming from me lol. I’m not saying you have to be best friends with your parents but still, they did a lot for you. They’re the reason where you are today (whether that’s a positive thing or a negative thing).

Then physics. Nothing really happened.

Then I had this racism program again. It really sucks because I’m not sure if I should say what I want to say especially when we got some sensitive people and so people with mob mentality. So I just kind of sit there and not say anything.

Today I was given the AP classes I was allowed to take this year and a few moments ago I just agreed to put AP Chemistry as my first choice for science. Why? I may live to regret it sigh 😦

For some reason I feel so sad right now. I’m not too sure why, it’s very strange. I have to wake up early tomorrow to go to a women’s parade for some extra credit. I also have some work that I need to finish before I go to bed. I’m going to end this post here.

I hope you guys/girls/whatever are having a nice day today ^_^

Silly Quote of the Day:

ADCs IN 2017 LUL. Cloud 9 beat TSM 2-0 today! So happy ^_^

-Ray, the one and only life contemplating sunflower~



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