The clock ticks by as I frantically scribble down what little information I know. I drop my pencil and stare at my test with a blank expression. What the fuck am I going to do? I sit there and think about the several consequences of my lack of intelligence. Why am I so dumb? The clock doesn’t stop. The clock never stops. The clock never waits for me. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. Thirty minutes pass. Still, there is nothing on my paper. It’s still blank, just like my mind. “Fuck,” I accidentally whisper. I feel powerless. All I can do is stare at my paper. I start having trouble breathing. I-I’m going to fail. The bell rings, yet my paper is still empty. I look around and not even slightly surprised, all their pages where full. I handed my test and walked out the door. I’m gone.

Just like that my life, my happiness, my grades, my mental state of mind, my confidence… gone.

I fucking hate midterms.

But there isn’t anyone or anything to blame but myself.

I fucking hate myself.


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