Day 49: Physics Midterms

On the 19th day of New Years my lover gave to me: an F on the physics midterms because I’m so dumb xd!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the daily blog of the post. January 19, 2017.

Today was the last day of my midterms. I was on the path of going 5 for 5 on failing my midterms. I’ll have you know… 5/5 were failed.

I went to sleep last night telling myself I would have a thorough understanding of physics once I woke up the next morning. Well, that didn’t happen. I struggled to wake up this morning because I knew that once I got out of bed I would end up taking my physics midterm. Sigh~

Fast forward a bit. The physics midterm was the last midterm I had to take and at this point I already accepted the fact that I was a failure for life. We were told we couldn’t use our own calculators, but it turned out we could. Lol, I expected it. I was like where are they going to get 100 scientific calculators from? I joked about how it was a good thing I programmed all the equations into my calculator the night before and I swear the person next to me was super shooked xd. Of course, I didn’t really because I’m a good boy 🙂 That would be cheating (we’ll get to that later).

The test was two parts. Part 1 was the 50ish multiple choice questions that took FOREVER to answer them all. Holy shit, it took me 1.5 periods to get through them all. Unlucky. They were like 50 question of the day type of questions too. Rip Rip! Then the second part of the test was the open response. Yeah… I don’t talk about that part. There were 5 questions, each with at least 6 sub-questions. I didn’t get time to finish all the questions. I didn’t know how to answer all the questions. I just filled in what I could because it was better than leaving it blank. It was a real tragedy. I remembered the person sitting next to me turned in her test 7-5 minutes before the time was up and I was like: “Damn she actually finished everything? Holy shit I must be extra screwed!” Turns out she gave up… Feels bad :0 Test was so hard, good bye grade. I hope it gets curved because I only think like 5 people actually passed the test.

Okay now we get into some juicy juicy stuff. So apparently one of the people in my class got caught cheating on the physics midterm and that person just so happened to be the person who I sat in front of. It was only 10-15 minutes into the test and our proctor (former Spanish teacher Mrs. Diffenderfer) sniped this guy from half way across the classroom. At first I thought this guy had a early dismissal or something and didn’t pay too much attention to it, but after the test my friend said that the person could of been possibly caught cheating because the dean wanted to see him with all his test materials and stuff. Feels great man, fuck cheaters.

I don’t know about you, but I have no sympathy for cheaters. 0! You cheat, you get caught, you deal with the consequences. I can’t believe someone would actually cheat on the physics midterm, like why? It’s not worth it okay… We’re in high school, cheating could get you into some major trouble. Also, why the fuck would you cheat on a test like the midterms??? That’s just a dumb thing to do. Just study ._. or fail with dignity geez. I have no respect for cheaters. I still don’t understand why you would do this. You basically just fucked yourself over.

Anyways after that I was forced to watch this movie about racism which basically said that all white people are racist and non-whites can’t be racist and I’m not too sure if I agree with their definition of racist. Iffy subject but I just don’t agree. I feel like you can’t give certain people certain labels without holding people accountable for their actions, if that makes any sense.

Then after I got pizza with the peeps and we talked about stuff. After that I went home and played some good old League of Leagends! I also slept a bunch and did nothing productive. That’s about it xD!

Silly Quote of the Day:

Me too. Especially when I fail me some physics midterms along with all the other ones. FEELS GREAT 😦

-Ray, the one and only 5/5 sunflower~


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