Life is like an endless marathon
Step after step, stride after stride
You never know where you’re going
You know that the finish line will always be there
But it’s when and how you get to it that matters
However, sometimes no matter how hard you try, you’ll never make it
No matter how close you are to that finish line, you’ll never cross it
A step away
Two steps away
Three steps away
Sooner or later, you realize the finish line is miles away
And you’re back at where you began
Square one
The beginning
You then realize something important
Your efforts were wasted
Everything is useless
Nothing will work
It’s an endless loop
But you keep running
You never stop running
You don’t have a choice
Life is like an endless marathon
A marathon you can’t win

Lol, I used to run cross country and I hated it because I wasn’t good keep getting out of breathe so easily xD Also during the actually race meets, there was this hill known as “Suicide Hill” and it was so steep and the first time I encountered it I couldn’t get pass it and just walked LOL! Sorry if this is grammatically incorrect or if it doesn’t make any sense, I’m tired 🙂




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