Day 48: Failing Midterms Day 1

On the 17 day of New Years my lover gave to me: company. Cause misery loves company ^_^!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily nightly blog post of the day. January 17, 2017.

I want to kill myself because I failed my midterms and I don’t want to know how bad I actually did because that would kill me even more. 


So today was the first day of midterms and it did not go well, as you can tell by the fabulous title of today’s blog. Just for future reference, it’s going probably be the same title for the next 2 days unless I suddenly become a boy genius!

Okay, so today’s midterms were APUSH and SPANISH.

I think I did pretty well on my APUSH midterm and by pretty well I mean I don’t think I failed but I don’t think I did all that great. It was just two normal test in two periods, nothing new. The multiple choice part of the test was okay-ish I guess. There were some questions that I had to choose between two answers, and by some I mean there were a lot of those sorts of questions. There were also typos on the test that baited my dumbass. So some answers were written twice and I was like oh wow these much be the answers… and I went with it… They weren’t though.

The other test was the essay portion and I felt like this was the easiest essay part yet. It was just analyzing the reasons why America welcomed and then condemned immigrants during the Gilded Age. Easy stuff, but I’m probably jinxing myself right about now.

My second midterm of the day makes me want to cry. I completely failed my Spanish midterm. I had 100 multiple choice and this 80 point essay. I took forever to get through the multiple choice and I didn’t even do that well. I sat next to a person who finished their essay or was finishing their essay by the time I finished my multiple choice. It was fucking tragic. I remember specifically there was a questions that was like: Don’t worry you won’t get a F on this test. Ha… ha… ha… Ironically, the test went town hill from that question. 100-0 real quick. Then came the essay part, oh where did I go wrong? Everywhere. The problem with me is that I can’t form sentences because of my lack of vocab in verbs and in nouns. I was reading the prompt and I drew a blank. The pressure got to me because I read the prompt and understood most of it but for some reason, I worked slow as fuck on the written portion. I failed to follow the golden rule of bsing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, fill it with quantity not quality. I had the opportunity to just insert random ass events and shit but I panicked. I couldn’t think straight or at all. I really fucked up. I didn’t even answer the entire prompt. That’s how much I fucked up. It was pretty bad.

After that, I got to go home. Except I wasn’t in the mood. I was hella depressed. I literally just failed my Spanish midterm and my grades will suffer. And they did. My grade dropped 2 points from only the multiple choice part.

I decided to go home alone because I wasn’t feeling in the mood to be around people or drag the spirit. Ended up going to the only place I ever end up at… KungFu Tea LOL. Got myself a Caramel Macchiato. Man the only problem with this store is they give like 3/4 ice. It’s so fucking annoying. 😦 I kinda of just sat there and ate the ice after my drink. If that sounds sad, I’ll have you know, it was pretty sad. It was like sad on top of sad. The day was looking pretty swell.

It also didn’t help that I was listening to sad songs. Well, my phone is only full of sad songs. I was about to cry but I didn’t want people to think I was weird so I left. I was debating about whether to go home or not because I really didn’t want to deal with my parents but I did so anyways because there was nothing else to do.

Came home, saw my Spanish multiple choice midterm grade and my overall grade and my heart dropped. Literally. No joke. I got so scared. I’m still scared. My grade is in jeopardy. I even did all the calculations. I needed to get at least a 60/80 in order to have a flat 90. Scary stuff. Super scary. A 75% on a written piece that I didn’t even write that much of. I didn’t even answer the full prompt. I didn’t even use that much grammar or vocab. Honestly, I’m being delusional right now. I should probably accept the fact that I won’t get that A. But if by chance, if by miracle, if my Spanish teacher decides that my garbage is actually worth 75%… I will forever be grateful. I will be began grateful. In fact, I’m willing to buy anyone I know (sorry strangers) bubble tea if I manage to end this quarter with an A. I’m desperate. I’m bring to bribe my luck lol. PLEASE!

So there was that panic.

Then I spent the major of my evening talking with someone. Somehow the conversation went from Spanish to cringy 6 graders to DABTASTIC (my new favorite word by the way)! How are you doing today good sir/ma’am? I’m doing DABTASTIC! How’s the weather? DABTASTIC! What’s the domain of this function? DABTASTIC! Lol~ Chatting is fun.. Although that did mean I barely reviewed/study for my Precalc midterm ouo… This is gonna be interesting. Was it worth it? Maybe ouo?

Some things I learned today are: My friend is a lowkey child predator, people on Fantage are horny as fuck and I’m uncultured as always.

Hmm that’s it for today. I think the tragedies will stop here. Hopefully tomorrow goes better. Actually it better go better. 😦 Wish me luck fam! I’ll need it xD

Today I learned that my friend/s who know about this actually read what a write. x/////x

Silly Quote of the Day:

Life is DABTASTIC. No, it’s horrible. Actually it’s probably just me. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me and that I was someone completely different who was smarter, happier and stuff (I don’t know) and then I’m like do I really want that? And then I ask myself… what makes me me? ouo gasp! Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z!

-Ray, the one and only wilted sunflower~



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