Day 47: Studying 3

On the 16th day of New Years, my lover gave to me: some McDonalds :^)! Lol would you believe me if I said I had 3 McChickens, 3 small fries and a 20 piece chicken McNuggets all to myself and I’m still only 145 lb for a 6ft guy? Well you should ouo, cause I don’t lie! Yeah I know, I’m fat and I should probably not eat so much fast food. In fact, for the past week I’m been eating nothing but unhealthy stuff like instant ramen and burgers 😦 It’s just, I haven’t had McDonalds in a while and no one’s home so you know~ ^_^ Secretly I wanted to get a heart attack but I knew that 3 burgers wouldn’t do anything 😦 My master plan to not having to take midterms has failed me xD Here’s a pic!


But Ray what about your siblings, weren’t they home too? They spent the day at my cousin’s house soooooo they weren’t home xD Feels bad, for them ^_^~

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily nightly blog post of the day! January 16, 2017.

First of all, if you’re reading this at night… SORRY! Don’t get hungry 🙂 Second of all, sorry for the lack of creativity with these titles lately xD It’s just that I’ve been studying for midterms and they just fight the mood. You know, the dead on the inside mood.

Oh wait, I almost forgot. Today is the birthday of my very good friend Billy ^_^ aka the Basic Boy~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAM! Don’t know how we met (too long ago) or how you deal with me but yeah ^_^ We should get margaritas 😦 Except he only wants to get Shirley Temples

Not going to lie, but out of the three days that I tried to study, today was probably the one with the worst results. I woke up, ate breakfast and then my friends were like: “Hey fam, I don’t like studying right now so let’s play some League of Legends” and I was like: “Yeah let’s play some League of Legends!” So we play like two games of League that was totally clownfiesta and it was fun and all but it literally threw everything off schedule. I was in the, I really don’t want to study at all mood but if I didn’t then I would probably fail these midterms and I can’t afford that 😦

I started to study at 1pm. Today was English and parts of physics and by parts of physic I mean like barely anything besides just reading a study guide and refreshing my mind of all 7 chapters that I apparently went through. Like what the fuck, I didn’t know I went through 7 chapters of physics lol. I thought it was just all fun and games xD~

For English, I had to read this weird short story written in broken English called Who’s Irish. Now I don’t know about you, but reading things in broken English is such a pain. I was reading it out loud too and I just kept cringing because it felt so weird to read ouo. Anyways, the story is about a Chinese grandmother who experiences two different types of cultures; her own (Chinese) and her daughter’s husband’s side (Irish). It’s a very interesting read and I probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t written in broken English but I guess it was added for effect. Lol in the story there was a “white people don’t add seasoning” joke xD!

For Physics, all I did was read a study guide that was put together by a person who is probably 10x smarter than me 🙂 There are so many equations to remember in physics such as d=vt, d=1/2at^2 + vit, d=1/2(vf+vi)t, vf= at+vi, t = sqr(2h/g), vx = vicosϴ, vy=visinϴ, t=2vy/g, pe=mgh, pe=1/2kx, ke=1/2mv^2 to list a few. There’s so many of them 😦 I have to memorize and understand all of them by Thursday… Is it possible? Maybe xD Honestly, if I put my heart to it, I could probably do very well! Or at least I think so…

I also reviewed for Spanish and APUSH today again since I have those test tomorrow. For Spanish, I feel like I’m ready for the multiple choice part xD. Not too sure about the writing part since I suck at writing and can’t form sentences for shit. For APUSH, I’m not too sure. I tend to do poorly on the multiple choice part but do better on the essay.

While studying for APUSH I fell asleep lol. I don’t understand, this was the first time I fell asleep while studying in the past 3 days ouo. Maybe it’s because my body is just used to sleeping from 6-8 and it got tired. Rip rip.

I still need to review some Spanish vocab and culture. I should do that right now!

Wish me luck guys, I need it xD! Good luck to those taking midterms/any other test. Make sure to do well or else you know… sad times and I’m sure you don’t want sad times.

Silly Quote of the Day:


One does not just simply stop working for Bowser. Ouo I guess death isn’t the solution then hehe ^_^

-Ray, the one and only luck wishing sunflower~

bitter bitter~


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