Someday I’ll travel the world and visit all the places I wanted to visit.
Someday I’ll find a passion for something that I really enjoy.
Someday I’ll be successful and enjoy the finer things in life.
Someday I’ll be happy and I’ll know it and clap my hands.
Someday I’ll stop complaining and being such a nuisance.
Someday I’ll be popping off as the YouTuber MapleStream.
Someday I’ll be a better person and learn to appreciate those around me.
Someday I’ll learn to say thank you to those who helped me.
Someday I’ll go vegan and see how long I can do it.
Someday I’ll go to sleep on time and wake up on time
Someday I’ll just be Ray the normal person
Someday I’ll be a sunflower and have my petals plucked by some random person
Someday I’ll actually write something meaningful instead of random gibberish
Someday everything will make sense, but that day is not today.


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