Day 46: Studying 2

On the 15th day of New Years my lover gave to me: steak ^_^! Ayy finally got some steak after how many days/months of wanting it? Not too sure but it sure does feel good! New York Strip :p How do you like your steaks cooked? Better be medium rare >.< unless you’re into that leathery stuff ouo~

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. January 15, 2017.

Your boy back at it again from studying all day like a good diligent student minus the good diligent student part 🙂 My brain is fried… not it’s beyond fried. It’s like pudding. Pudding brain Ray qq. It doesn’t feel good.

I was suppose to study both Math and English today but somehow I only studied for Math and I didn’t even get through it all.

I woke up this morning at 11 am lol. Pretty decent for sleeping at 3 am LOL. Maybe not. I set 3 alarms from 9-10 but I keep snoozing like a diligent person ^_^! Woke up thinking it was a normal day and as I was eating breakfast my mom tells me that she’s going to NYC all the sudden. Uh-oh spaghetti oh! Leaving me home with the kids 😦 😦 😦 She had to go because it’s the anniversary of my grandma’s death. It’s been 5 years… wow. Feels sad.

The kids like to act up when my mom isn’t around. They’re scared of her lol. Anyways, I spent most of my day studying while checking in on them periodically and bought food.

I hate math. I don’t understand where the fucking stereotype came from that Asians love math, cause I hate that shit. It’s probably because I’m just not good at it. Spent the entire day reviewing pre-calculus stuff. I don’t know how/why I moved so slow. All I did was do practice problems from all the sections and asked for help when I didn’t know what I was doing. For the most part, I feel like I understand how to do things expect on an actually test, I would probably fuck up and fail. The world just hates me like that. Makes me feel like I understand what I’m doing and then nope, just a prank. So I’m just going to keep it low key ^_^ and hopefully fluke my way to passing the math midterm. It’s mostly about graphs, domain and trig. Can’t be that hard… right?

Anyways I took a break around 5 pm and went back into the hyperbolic time chamber to practice some more Riven. Trying to get the fast combo down to a constant speed is so hard to do. 😦 How do people how their mouses so quickly? Also trying to learn the one shot combos but pressing ER Flash W Auto Hydra R2 Q all in a second is fairly hard to do. For some reason getting my finger to go from ER to F is just slightly awkward and I tend to either miss the R key or the F key. Feels bad~ I will get it down one day! Hopefully~

Then at 6pm I went to get some fried chicken. I never noticed how dark it could get at 6pm lol. At 5pm the sun was still out but at 6pm it was like it was night time or earlier morning. Anyways, had to take a lovely walk towards Popeyes ^_^ Popeyes is my favorite chicken aside from Bonchon. The skin is super crunchy and tastes really good. Too bad it’s not healthy :0

So while walking towards Popeyes, I had to cross a parking lot and there was this dude who was in a place with no cars just walking in circles. As I walk passed him, he stopped walking in circles and then looked up at me. We kind of made eye contact and it freaked me out so I just kind of picked up the pace and got the fuck out of there. I keep looking back and there he was just staring at me. Creepy ouo! After I get my chicken, I get outside and he’still there lol. So instead of getting murdered, I decided to take another longer route home. Don’t go outside at night peeps, there are in fact people who want to murder you. Or maybe it’s just me. I just assume everyone is trying to murder me at night or whenever it’s dark. Better safe then dead… I guess ouo. Being murdered by a creepy dude is not the way I want to go~

Came home and started to eat like a pig :^) Just kidding, I don’t actually eat that much. I ate like 3 pieces and I even drank tea… I’m semi-healthy hehe.

After I ate, I called the kids down to eat and waited for them to get down so I could wash the dishes. After all of that, I went back to studying math. I got up to 4.2 and I need to get to 4.6 before the midterm. I called it quits at 9:00pm because I was donezo xD!
Okay so yesterday I was reading Liz C.’s blog ( and I stumbled across the question “What if depression was a person” and I was like huh what if?

If depression was a person who would it be? I don’t know, I guess it would be that person who seems to be a nice person but then is actually a fucked up shit talking cyber bully who does some sus things behind people’s backs and makes you feel like shit :^)

Or maybe it would just be your shadow. You know, since it’s always there and it’s literally a part of you and it’s always there to watch everything you do. Think of it like if your shadow was a shit talking bully who made you feel like shit~

Depression is bad but does that make Depression the person also bad? Are we just assume that the personification of depression would be just as bad? It’s 2017 peeps, we can’t just assume that! What if Depression is just misunderstood? What if Depression just wants a friend?

Ouo, what the fuck am I even saying lol. Nah, I’m just kidding. Depression is bad. Avoid it like the plague. Stay happy 🙂 Although that might be hard if you’re studying for midterms. 😦 or you know, trying to live.

Lol I wanted to get margaritas with my friend 😦 Why won’t he agree to get them with me? Why? I just want to party and forget about everything ~~~~
Silly Quote of the Day:

Story of my life xD Just started playing Pokemon Moon recently and I always find it funny when the wild Pokemons call for help but none show up. On the flip side, when the help does show up, it’s kind of annoying because the Pokemons just never stop spawning and those Pokemon call for help the cycle never ends.

-Ray, the one and only slightly drunk sunflower~

i just want a couple glasses of margaritas, could you help me out?


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