Day 45: Studying

On the 14th day of New Years my lover gave to me: a tootsie lolipop ^_^ How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie pop? Who knows, aint nobody got time for that. Tootsie pops are good, you should get some. ^_^ Do you like to lick, suck or bite them? lol.

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another daily nightly blog post of the day! January 14, 2017.


Please send help fam! Holy shit, I spent the entire day studying for midterms. It was only two subjects too. Today I studied for Spanish and APUSH. Spent close to 5 hours creating a study guide and then someone posted a much more neatly organized one in the class group as soon as I finished. Feels bad. At least I found some mistakes in this one to make myself feel better ^_^ After that, I decided to read the chapters of my APUSH book for the first time in forever and that was a fucking pain.

I don’t get how people can just sit down and commit to studying. I literally had to force myself to study. Like anything is better than studying… Staring at my wall is more entertaining than study..

The thing with studying is I’m not even sure if I remember all the information I tried to study. Like sure I may have spent 5 hours making a study guide + a few more reviewing  and listened to nothing but Spanish versions of Kpop songs, but that does mean I understood everything? No but it sure as hell does mean that I won’t be forgetting “Dame tu mano ahora y save me save me, I need your love before I fall, fall”. Does that mean I remember how to do the present tense, know all my irregulars, know my stem-changing -yo verbs, know my stem-changing verbs in general, know the difference between ser and estar, gustar verbs, know my preterite tense, know my imperfect tense, know the irregulars for both preterite and imperfect, know when to use preterite vs imperfect, know what the same verb means in both the preterite and imperfect, using them both in the same sentence, subjunctive, object pronouns, commands, subjunctive with adjective clause and reflexive pronouns? Lol this is just going off memory, I don’t know if I missed something. Also there’s like 4 chapters worth of vocabulary that I need to memorize. Not to mention, the test is still like 3 days away so what if I forget all this information 😦 That would suck. All this effort for nothing. I really need to do well on these midterms because you know these things kind of determine my overall grade this marking period since they’re like worth 2 test and my grades aren’t that great, they’re pretty decent as they are now and I would like to keep them that way.

But knowing me, I have a history of fucking up on the midterms. Like while I’m taking them I don’t think it’s that hard but then I get them back and I get like 10 questions wrong and then I get a sad face. Someone please just bless me so I can pass these test. ^_^

I didn’t really study that extensively for my APUSH cause it’s just two normal test put together. I’ve noticed a worry trend with APUSH and it’s that the more effort I put in the multiple choice part, the worse I do. So at this point, I’m like why bother even trying that hard? Maybe if I yolo it, I’ll do better. The reverse physiology coming in.

When I said I spent the entire day studying, I lived. I did take 2 breaks. One 30 minute break after 5 hours of creating my Spanish guide and then after an hour or two of reviewing , I took a much longer hour break. During that hour I spent time playing League of Legends. GASP! Shocking~ I didn’t actually play any games with people. Instead I hopped onto the PBE client and went and did some training in the hyperbolic time chamber. Riot recently released a sandbox mode and it’s about time. I was just practice some Riven fast combos and flash combos. Having no cooldown on flash is soooooo nice. Makes it super efficient for practicing combos! They’re about to call my Golden/Silver Boxbox minus the skills, looks and girlfriends 😦

Tomorrow I have to study for math and English. I feel like I have an okay understanding about the man I’m learning but I don’t want to be confident because every time I think I’m going to do well, the world just loves to hate me and I end up doing bad. Like I feel like I can do everything from chapters 1-4 but I never show up on test day. Feels bad.. What’s use is knowing the information but not showing you know it 😦

Lol, I’m currently eating a tootsie pop as I’m writing this and it’s like completely melted now xD. Not much really happened today because of all the studying. Everyone’s studying. All my friends are dead cause they’re all diligent students who study hard lol. My brain is so fried right now. I don’t want to look at another Spanish word ever again 😦

Oh yeah one more thing. Cookies and milk is pretty good. Whenever you have the time, you should just you know, pour yourself a glass of milk and get yourself some Chips-ahoy and just sit down and eat them. Dip the cookies into your milk a couple of times until the cookie just melts in your mouth ^_^ Do this until you become fat and before you know it, you’ll hate yourself in no time. But it was all worth it because nothing goes better than cookies and milk! Now I’m not privileged but if you’re then you should do this with Oreos because we all know Oreos are the best cookies around.

All right, I think that is all for now. I’m gonna go take a long shower and then go to sleep and most likely going to have to repeat the same process for tomorrow. Work hard, study hard, play hard, get result (?). I don’t know. If you’re studying for midterms or any other test like me, I wish you the best of luck! Jk you don’t need luck, “it’s all skills” hehe ^_^

Silly Quote of the Day:

I found this funny as hell lol. Today while I was trying to write my study guide my nose was running and it was super annoying 😦 I also used to run cross country until I gave up because I’m not good at running even though I do enjoy running.

Okay Ray out~

-Ray, the one and only espanol girasol~


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