Day 44: Friday the 13th

On the 13th day of New Years my lover gave to me: bad luck because apparently Friday the 13th is a spooky and unlucky day. Then again every day is a spooky and unlucky for me so I guess I could care less.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily nightly blog post of the day. January 13, 2017.

So literally moments before I started typing, I was looking through summer program opportunities. I need to do something during the summer; like get a job or do an internship program or something. I just need to find something that I’m going to dedicate my entire summer to, just not to sure what that is. Might be film making or digital music making ouo that sounds fun. Also wanted to do computer science. Ahhhhh and it also has to be free because my parents aren’t going to pay for anything cause we’re poor 😦

You know something that always scares me? Interviews. I never had an interview before so I’m not even too sure what the fuck they will ask of me. Interviews sound scary, it’s basically first impression better be the best impression and if you don’t deliver you don’t get the position. Feels bad. I’m not a very quick thinker either 😦 I need to think about the questions for a while to come up with a good answer and what if I don’t give the correct answer? What if I say something that I would say but it isn’t something that I should say 😦 😦 Also what if they ask questions about me like “Describe yourself” or “Why do you want this opportunity” or “How would you react to so and so situation” Ahhhhhhh… 😦 The worse thing that could happen is that they think I’m some sort of fucking loser and I get rejected from said program and cry myself to sleep 😦

ANYWAYS… It’s finally Friday!! I don’t know about you but I feel like my weeks became so much longer 😦 It takes way more effort to drag myself through the week. It’s midterm studying weekend and I don’t feel like studying. I feel like doing nothing but then I’ll fail. Last year I studied an entire week before the midterm but then I realized that I could just do it the weekend/the day before and I would probably get the same result.

Today’s math class wasn’t as annoying as the other ones. It was surprisingly just normal review. No “YOU GUYS NEED TO BE MORE POSITIVE” or “THERE ARE CHILDREN IN AFRICA WHO WOULD KILL FOR YOUR EDUCATION” being shoved down my throat. During APUSH, I had a free period to do “work” except I can’t do any sort of productive work at school. The environment is too distracting; there’s so much noise everywhere and I just can’t get anything done. I just basically sat there in class telling myself that we (as in my group and I) have to get cemetery done and we’re probably going to do it the week it’s due (YAY US!!!!). We didn’t start yet, not yay us. The good news is that the due date is extended by an entire weekend but the bad news is that I doubt we would use that weekend to be productive. Then I had tea party and had some funky smelling tea. It smelled like an Asian medicine store. I made sure people knew that 😦 It didn’t taste as bad as it smelled though! Do you ever get a bit sad or worried whenever the person you’re making fun of agrees with all the questionable things you say? No just me? Bully problems 😦 Hey I care about people too ouo… even though I’m probably the cause of their worries. It’s complicated :^)

My group won for making the best Spanish Water Ad (ad below and this time I remembered to link it lol)! Then again we were the only one who actually filmed something. I can’t believe other people didn’t film stuff 😦 I wanted to see other people act stupid on camera. Honestly I didn’t think we would win for some odd reason (because I’m a debby downer) but I’m glad we did because if we didn’t I would of been very upset considering how we actually tried hard to make a good ad 😡 I was born to be a winner (JOHTO), born to be the very best~.. I was surprised that the honorable mention was a group of two that probably did their project the day before it was due lol. Good for them.

We won a bag and candy and some random trinkets. It was pretty cool. We also got 9 extra credit points on top of our grade. 😦 The other class winners got 14 extra credit. What the hell 😦 Where’s the equality man! Granted their entire class made videos but still 😦 😦 😦 It’s not my fault my class is lazy 😦 Give me my +5 points please!! I’m desperate for points lol. This project managed to bring my grade up from a B to an A and I was so happy ^_^ If I can maintain this A after the midterm then I will be very happy with myself!

I took the listening part of the Spanish midterm today. The format was a big extra. We were given the answers first, then we were given the story and then the questions. Like why can’t you just do questions and answers for each. Why you got to make my life so hard 😦 The first time I listened to the story, I had no idea what was going on. I just underline words that I hear and went from there. The second time I heard it though, I managed to piece things together. Overall it was very easy. Got a 20/20 ^_^ Good start to my Spanish midterm haha.

The rest of the school day didn’t mean much. After school, I went to celebrate my two friends’ birthdays that are coming up on the 16th. We went to eat pho LOOOOOL
We got there like always lol. We also got bubble tea ~

I got one of them Elementalist Lux ^_^ and didn’t get anything for the other one because well… wait for it… I have favoritism… GASP?? What? That’s right ouo, I like one more than the other. That’s because I’m closer and more comfortable with one more than the other :^) Yeah I know, I’m horrible.

I need to study for midterms like tomorrow lol. Here’s my plan:
1. I’m going to sleep soon so I have energy tomorrow
2. I’m going to make study guides in order to study
3. I’m going to cry

Yup that’s about it. Oh wait, today I wanted to get Margaritas with the peeps but they didn’t want any 😦 I had it all planned out. We would order the drinks, they would make it and then when they ask for our IDS, we just take the drinks, drink them, get drunk and then book it ^_^ Sounds great!

Silly Quote of the Day:
“On Wednesday, a 12-year-old boy pulled a gun on a 13-year-old girl in Harlem and demanded she give him a McDonald’s chicken nugget”

What the actual fuck LOL

-Ray, the one and only studying sunflower~

gone with the wind~~~


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