Day 41: Lateness

On the 10th day of New Years my lover gave to me: a deed of a house that my cemetery person owns. Lol that took a while to come up with, these are getting progressively harder as I’m running out of random objects to include :^) I will persevere onward!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily nightly blog post. January 10, 2017.

Today I woke up late and got to school a few minutes late. You know a couple days ago I literally said I never sleep through my alarms on a weekday… the world just loves to prove me wrong. Somehow I managed to sleep through 4 alarms from 6:00 to 6:30. Huh? The funny thing is I woke up at 5:30 to see if my video was done rendering from like 5 hours ago and it was so I was uploading it and replaced it on our document and went back to sleep because there was still around 45 mins before I actually needed to get up. Needless to say, I never got up xd. Long story short, I got to school at 8:18, 3 minutes late… except :^) I wasn’t marked late. Magic, I don’t know how but I wasn’t marked late lol. It’s a miracle :^)  I really hate this new attendance system 😦 Before I could of slipped in anytime before 8:30 and would still be considered on time. Now it’s so much harder :/

Okay so today my Calculus teacher was at it again with her positive ass attitude. Nothing wrong with positive people except when they’re become annoying and force their positivity onto you. She was like: “You guys never look happy 😡 You know there are people in Africa who can’t read or write or do math and aren’t as privileged as you? So you guys better be happy about these midterms coming up because other people don’t even have the opportunity to have education.”

First of all, chill. Just because I’m not the happiest looking person in math class doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the fact that I have the accessibility to education. You can’t just assume that! This is 2017!! No. Second, this is first period math class and we’re reviewing for a goddamn middle term, how excited should I fucking be? I LOVE MIDTERMS! WOOT WOOT! I LOVE GRAPHING MY LOVELY 12 BASIC FUNCTIONS AND LEARNING ABOUT DOMAIN AND RANGE AND ASYMPTOTES. YEAH! No. Shut the fuck up, no one is like that. Geez. I get it you want people to be more involved and shit, but seriously ._. you can’t just assume that a just because we’re a bunch of zombies in the morning, we don’t appreciate our education. I don’t know, mini tangent.

Sort of fell asleep in APUSH today. It’s funny because when my teacher does lecture, it’s boring as fuck and fall asleep but when she doesn’t I complain that she doesn’t do anything to help us prepare for our test. I got my essay back. Doing progressively better lol. Went from a 3 (Don’t ask about it, some how I forgot my thesis DX) to a 5. I keep missing synthesis points 😦 I should of done the American Revolution instead of the Korean Civil War lol, I didn’t know enough details to synthesize. Silly me, tricks are for kids 😦

I was just knocked out during English class. I wonder if my English teacher low key hates me because I sleep in her class almost every day. It just sort of happens. I get a sudden spell of tiredness to the point that I can’t even raise my head and sit straight. Sorry DX, not trying to be rude, just tired as fuck from everything else such as my horrible sleeping schedule and you know the regular amount of bullshit everyone has to deal with daily.

Nothing really happen during Spanish class. We presented our water ads (a link can be found below this paragraph). No one in our class did a video besides us. Not sure if lazy or they just procrastinated too much. Nah, it must be that they were so intimidated by our presence that they knew they shouldn’t being fucking with us :^) No but seriously… what the fuck. I wanted to see more videos man. Oh well, at least that means we get extra credit. We were also given a sheet to evaluate our group members. Now everyone knows the deal with these sorts of papers. As long as everyone did their work, did a fair share of work, was easy to work with and was willing to work, then everyone everyone gets a 100 ^_^ And since my partners were all very good students and people in general, they all get 100s. Unless you’re that person who takes 22 hours to type 2 sentences and is also the person telling other people to work, you shouldn’t expect less. That being said, :^) they should give you 100 too cause you know, gotta help each other out.

I legit was going to change one of my scores because after 4 years of Spanish, this person still pronounces the “h” in words and in Spanish, the “h” is silent so in the word “hacer” it would sound like “acer” (ahcer) but for some reason she still pronounces the “h” and it tilts me 😦 But I’m a nice person and that would be a stupid reason to deduct points lol.

Then came physics. As soon as I walk into class, my boy Lincoln starts crying to me about how he got sniped and didn’t know how to answer a question from a presentation given by his classmates (which may or may not have dropped his overall French grade :^)). Serves him right mwhahahaha ._. After the countless times I had to endure him singing “18 naked cowboys in the showers of RAM RANCH.” Part of my is like rip, why you gotta do Lincoln dirty like that and the other part of me is like :^) The other part of physics was us struggling to do our lab. I don’t know but for some reason we’re super extra smart and we decided to make our radius super small, which was just a hassle. Have you tried to count the number of revolutions a string with a rubber stopper attached to it makes? Lol, with such a short radius, it went around so many times. Counting to 100+ is hard fam 😦

Lol today I satisfied my burger crave I had since awhile ago. I don’t understand how people can eat this daily.. the burger was larger that my face lol. They raised the price from 6.50 to 8.50 RIP

Lol it’s the middle of the night and I’m hungry again. Just great. I just remembered I have English homework to do rip rip. Gotta get to that!

Silly Quote of the Day:

Not sure how this bottom picture became a meme but it’s everywhere :0! Sometimes I just feel like telling people I want to kill myself but at the same time don’t want people to get worried and put my suicide watch lol. Okay I go do English.

-Ray, the one and only burger sunflower~


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