Day 40: Boom Boom

On the 9th day of New Years my lover gave to me: pepper jack cheese. It was pretty good, way better than American cheese lel.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily blog of the day! January 9th, 2017.

For a Monday, today was pretty alright. If it weren’t for the morning, it would of been a lot better. I swear my body hates me or something. I get a sick feeling every other day 😦 I woke up with an upset stomach from the other day and didn’t think much of it. I went to eat breakfast and literally after two bites of my corndog, I got this weird feeling in my stomach. Again, I didn’t think much of it and proceeded to go to school. On the way there, I keep feeling like I was going to throw up and it was hard to breathe. The feeling would come and go. Once I got to school, it all went down hill 😦 I ended up throwing up my breakfast, which is no bueno. Throwing up is not fun, stay away from it. Don’t get sick/get a stomach flu. Life will suck.

Besides that, today was great. Had a science school trip for most of the day. Went to a place to see a live demonstration of some physic concepts. At first it was pretty interesting but as time went on, I got sleepy lol. I didn’t want to be rude but I kind of drifted off to sleep. They gave us water and pretzels for our break. The best part of the whole thing was probably when they blew up the model house, it literally went up in flames. Was not expecting it.

Then we walked to a mall/shopping center. It was so cold today. I swear every time I go outside, it gets even colder. Had Chik-fil-a for the first time in my life. Got myself a grilled chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, bacon and tomato. Like I said before, pepper jack cheese is pretty good. I’m no cheese enthusiast or anything, there’s already someone else for that. Then we started walking around. My friends wanted to go to Victoria’s Secret for some reason. ouo huh

At around 1:40 ish we had to return to school and attend last period, which sucked ass by the way. Had English and I really don’t like English. It’s mostly because I’m bad at the subject and don’t really care about any of the concepts. We analyzed literary criticism for our midterm. Speaking about the midterm, my midterms are coming up and I haven’t even studied yet. Hmm… Good decision or bad decision? Probably a bad one. I need to make study guides :0

Today I was the first day I actually had fun during Science Olympiad. Just so you guys know, I’m a certified rock master. Spent the entire time memorizing the names of minerals/rocks and what they look like. My favorite has to be Orthoclase because it looks like steak sort of. Others include: Schist Garnet, Schist Mica, Copper, Gold, Sodalite, Biotite Mica, Arkose, Gneiss, Marble, and Satin Something Gypsum. Learning about rocks is fun ^_^

Today I learned something kind of tragic. So a friend I knew had his right eye all fucked up and I didn’t realize it until we got onto the subway. I just assumed he either got assaulted, hit by his parents (which wasn’t likely), or his cat fucked him up or maybe it was some other case. Turns out he actually got robbed and beat up. Feels bad. I hope he gets better soon. The world is a fucked up place. Stay safe guys! Be careful of your surroundings and don’t stay out too late. This is the stuff my mom tells me but I don’t really listen all that much. To have something like this happen to some you know makes you re-realize, there are horrible people in this world.

I think that’s it for now. Oh wait, my sister went back to college. Her winter break is over. Feels bad 😦 Now I’m all alone again. Have to deal with my annoying fucked up family all by myself lol. On top of that, there are two little kids my mom watches who are too annoying for my own good. Sigh. Life is hard qq.

Oh wait, another random thought. Do you ever see two people standing next to each other and you’re just like “hey, they look good together.” No? Just me. Lol, that kind of happened today. I asked my friend what he thought and he thought I was weird rip. It isn’t weird to ship two intelligent musicians together is it?

Rip my “i” is slightly broken 😦

Silly Quote of the Day:

Don’t you just love it when your lover sexts you “Kill yourself”? I mean I sure do 😉 It’s hot 🙂

-Ray, the one and only boom boom sunflower~

POST EDIT: So I was reading a facebook post by a person who seems to like to write deep stuff ouo

“Just because we have differences doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Just because we have different political views doesn’t mean we’re enemies. Just because you don’t really know me doesn’t mean you can talk to me about what you’re going through right now. Just because I seem like a stuck up arrogant kid doesn’t mean I can’t relate to or understand your hardship. Instead of looking for someone to love you, learn to love yourself.”

Not trying to throw any shade, but do people really do what is bolded in the paragraph? Like I find it very unlikely that someone you barely know or someone who barely knows you would come to you and spew out their life problems. Seems a bit far fetched no? Besides that it was okay lol. Starts out with differences and then ends with loving yourself, seems a bit cliche but anything deep sounds cliche.

i realize today yesterday i wanted chipotle but today i didnt get it even though i had the opportunity to instead i went to try chik-fil-a lel



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