Day 38: Dead Inside


On the 7th day of New Years my lover gave to me: a shovel so I can go shovel the snow, make a snow tomb and then go bury myself in it. I’m dead to myself 😦 Send help.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another “oh whoops I almost forgot two nights in a row” daily blog post of the day. January 7, 2017.

It snowed today. It snowed a lot. Thanks Mother Nature, way to go. Snow on a day when I don’t have school, whatever. >.> Seriously though, next time please snow on a school day.. kbyethx.

Today I spent a total of 10 hours on Cemetery and right now I’m just about ready to call it quits. I hate this project as much as I hate myself, maybe even more.

I woke up at the lovely 12 pm in the morning to find my windows covered in the glorious frozen white precipitation known to us as snow. I went to eat breakfast and stuff and did fun stuff up until 1pm. Then I did some more research for cemetery. Searched google, ancestry, familysearch and other websites to oblivion. At 3pm, I decided to go to the library because research calls and I needed to see if there was an obituary on his wife. Let me remind you it was snowing around this time and it was very cold outside. I was actually debating on whether I should go or not, but then I remembered that my group is questionable. So there I was outside in the snow trekking to the library only to find that it closed early because of the snow. Yay me. So then I sadly walked home. I stopped to get some coffee at DD because it was cold. Did you now DD coffee actually tastes pretty good ouo. I never realized until now. After the coffee, I went home.

Went home and well, did more research. Started to look up his dad, his mom, his grandparents, his siblings and his sons and daughters. This took about forever. Hurts my head 😦 My head is still throbbing.

Yes, I know. All I’m good for is complaining. I agree too!

So at around 8:30, 2 other people decided to do work too. I was so excited and so happy because now I wasn’t the only actually actively doing work. We started to create an outline and piecing his life together. This took a long while. At around 9:40 another one of our group members said he would get on after dinner. He came on at 10:40. He literally did nothing but you know conveniently move his cursor around pretending to do work. He literally wrote a fragment and that’s about it.

This was taken at 11:17pm, we ended at 11:45 pm and not much has changed.

So like normal, I complain to my friends and of course, they’re tired of my shit.

That’s basically everything that happened.

Silly quote of the day (or not so silly idk more random):

This of course coming from the person who doesn’t have cemetery lol. I still don’t understand why we would even form a group with someone who is known for not doing their work. ._. it just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I just need to stop complaining and work at their pace. Who knows…

-Ray, the one and only key to success sunflower~


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