Day 37: I Almost Forgot


On the 6th day of New Years, my lover gave to me: a bottle of water, cause I was thirsty. Still am 😦 The thirst will never be quenched. Okay, I shall stop now.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to “I honestly got carried away with refining my Spanish project that I almost missed a day” daily blog of the day. January 6, 2016.

It’s Friday! Well, it was Friday. It just turned Saturday right now lol. The first Friday of the year and boy does it feel good. It snowed today, but not enough to get me out of school. I was highly disappointed. What good is snow if it can’t cancel school? It just makes getting to school harder 😦 Come on snow, help me out! Give me those extra days of break that I always wanted.

What happened today? I’m really not sure, I’m drawing a blank.

Hmm nothing actually happened today or I must be blanking out really hard. The highlight of the day must be Tea Party or physics class, it’s a toss up.

Today I learn that short people think that tall people don’t have problems. Well, I’ll have you tall people have problems too 😦 For example, when I’m on the elevated level of the bus, sometimes when I get up too quickly, I end up bumping my head because the ceiling is so damn low 😦 Also, just because I’m tall, all my relatives think I play basketball or some kind of sport lol. Also tall people die faster than shorter people 😦

I also learned that Chestnut Tea smells exactly like what an Oreo Milk Tea tastes like at KFT, it’s so bizarre. Smells good ^_^ If you’re ever near a KungFu Tea, go get yourself an Oreo Milk Tea, you won’t regret it.

Hmm what else… I had to turn in a rough draft of my personal essay today and well I didn’t like my essay. I even told my teacher and she was like: Ray you always say you never like your essays but they tend to turn out well. Lol, well I just hope this one turns out well because it sounds like shit. We also had to do this classwork were we had to come up with descriptive sentences for emotions that appeared in people’s essays and somehow dead came up (not from mine lol I wrote about my YouTube channel :^)) and she called on me and the best sentence I could think of was wanting to bury myself 6 feet under because of that Katy Perry song that has the lyrics “do you ever feel already buried deep six feet under?” lol. Needless to say people gave me some weird looks. Haha.

Every time a certain group member in my Cemetery group says “we need to this, we need to do that” and not actually contribute to the issue, I get tilted. Thanks for the daily PSA, like I didn’t know. >.>

Do you ever feel like you want to tell someone something honest and then you play the situation over and over again and wonder if it’s worth it or not. This has nothing to do with the person I mentioned above. I don’t know, sometimes I have to urge to just say things that may offend people and hurt people’s feelings and then I think about the consequences and I’m just like, you know, my 2 cent isn’t worth it. I’ll just keep it to myself, make note of it or tell it to someone else. This is why I’m bad at making friends.

I also had this weird racism workshop today. Talking about touchy subjects is always weird. I’m always afraid of offending someone. Feels bad.

I guess that’s it. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Silly Quote of the Day:

I’m gone.

-Ray, the one and only gone with the wind sunflower~




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