Day 36: Centripetal Acceleration

On the 5th day of New Years my lover gave to me: sleeping pills so I can actually go to sleep. Why is going to sleep so hard? I don’t get it. When I don’t want to be sleepy, I instantly fall asleep. Yet when I want to sleep, boom I can’t fall asleep for the next 2 hours. What kind of curse is this 😦 Just kidding, my sleeping schedule is fucked up anyways soooo whatever~

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “I think I might be sick but I’m not to sure if I’m going to be sick” daily post of the day. January 5th, 2016.

So it turns out I didn’t get that sick after all ^_^ PAPA BLESS! I am so grateful for that, geez I don’t want to deal with being sick. Although yesterday was pretty bad. I went from holy shit it’s so cold to holy shit I’m overheating. I decided to sleep with an extra blanket layer and well my body just got extremely warm, like really warm. I swear, I could of fried on egg on my head and it would of cooked. It felt super uncomfortable but then again being pseudo-sick isn’t suppose to feel comfortable I guess. I tried going to sleep but I kept waiting up during the night. Had this super weird ass dream where my friends were trying to murder me and I ended up jumping out of the window and dying anyways. Weird. When I actually needed to get up, I was so glad that all I had was a slight headache and my stomach hurt a bit. It was a lot better than what I was feeling yesterday, so I’ll take it.

Okay 2nd day back at school and I still hate this place. Having math first period sucks and doesn’t suck at the time. No one like having math first period but at least it gets it out of the way the rest of the day. My math teacher is pregnant lol (congratz). Lately she has been very forgetful with assigning us homework, not sure if that’s a side effect of her being pregnant or what not. Also today, towards the end of the class she gave us this weird speak out of nowhere telling us we need to memorize shit which I’m sure most of us are all trying to do. I don’t know ouo…

Then I had physics, which was whack. We talked about circular motion, centripetal acceleration, banked turns, and turns in general. Centripetal acceleration is my new favorite word, lol Iit just sounds nice. Centripetal acceleration. Don’t you just love it when your teacher tells you that you’re driving to City Hall, your in traffic but you still manage to go a constant speed. Like how is that even possible if your in traffic? You’d be starting and stopping constantly. Plus going to City Hall, there are so many traffic lights so it’d be impossible to go a constant speed :0! Anyways, somehow we ended up with a car called the Popemobile that’s being personally escorted to City Hall. Physics (I better see this on the midterm or I want my money back :(). Thursday Physics classes are whack because I ended up not paying attention and learning that apparently people in Boston don’t pronounce their Rs. Interesting. I also will forever remember that “DK is so cute”. Never knew people where into Donkey Kong so much :s

Okay that’s enough about school. After school I went to an archive to do more quality Cemetery research. Seriously though, push me off a cliff. I’m done with this project 😦 I’m not to sure how to write this guy’s life story without making up a few things lol. Like I have a general idea of who this person is, what he did but like I don’t have the full 8 pages single spaced version. So sad. Anyways, went to pick up some information about his son and this guy is loaded man. There seems to be more information on the son than the father lol. Feels bad. How am I suppose to bs this paper. Hmmm…

Okay so I typed up some controversial shit on #PewDiePieIsOverParty but then decided not to post any of it because I don’t want people to fucking kill me so I just wanted to ask, what do you think of the #PewDiePieIsOverParty? For those who don’t know, he said the N word (ending with an a if that matters) in a jokingly manner and some people are upset with him. Personally, there was that 4v1 hate crime against that disabled white guy that people should be talking about more, but that’s just me…

Moving on, have you seen Wendy’s twitter recently? I don’t know who runs it but lately they been posting some really funny tweets. You should go check them out!

I think I’m actually going to end it here. So here’s the silly quote of the day!

Silly Quote of the Day:
“Boston is like the South of the North. There’s a large concentration of white people there.” – Rebecca 2k17

Lol I didn’t know that but I will keep that in mind;however, there’s a large concentration of white people everywhere 😦 Unfortunately they run this country and they’re the same people who decided to put Donald Trump into office. Scary stuff.

Silly Quote of the Day 2,3,4 (lol these are just hilarious):

Lol some League of Legend champions as burgers and fries xD

Okay I go to sleep now, have a lovely night/day/afternoon/evening or whenever you decide to read this.

-Ray, the one and only french fry sunflower ~

Sorry for the grammatical errors 😦



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