Day 35: First Day Back and I’m Sick :)

On the 4th day of New Years my lover gave to me: hypothermia. Okay, I might be overexaggerating…. just a bit… small bit.. fairly small?

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily blog, except not really. I’m sorry peeps but I honestly don’t feel well at all and I know I skimmed out on a post recently too but forgive me for this.

Right now, I’m almost certain that I will be sick tomorrow. If not, then Papa Bless. However, right now my body is shivering like crazy and it’s extremely cold, which is kind of weird because my room is the hottest room in the house and I’m wearing 4 layers. My body is quite warm but my fingers and toes are like nonexistent. Help :(! School hates me, I don’t even know how the hell someone gets sick on the first day back. I didn’t even do anything ouo. Maybe someone during gym class was sick rip rip. I literally have no idea how in the world I got sick. I came home at like 6:20pm and went to sleep for 3 hours because I couldn’t focus with loud crying children. When I woke up, my body felt like jelly. My limbs hurt like hell ouo. And then from there tragedy happened. I started to get cold and well yeah it just goes down hill from there.

Being sick sucks, I have so much work I needed to get done today. I have to organize my Cemetery shit, start my super long ass APUSH workbook (8 questions one day then like 50 questions 2 days later… I see you Mrs. Vecsi 😦 so mean. I know I shittalked you before but come on now, that’s cruel and unusually punishment). I really hope I don’t get sick but my vision is already turning redder and I feel my eyes burn. 😦 It’s inevitable. Hopefully it’s nothing to serious. Okay I should seriously get off the computer and call it a day. Good night guys, here’s a silly quote of the day (sound probably rename this tweet of the day or something).

Silly Quote of the Day:


Getting pass hello is hard :0! But then getting past the words after hello is even harder. Okay I go now. I seriously hope I don’t end up being sick for like 2 week 😦 My cemetery group would kill me and then there’s gonna be a Lincoln’s Lecture or a Ziwen’s Zooplankton. Haha. I wonder how they enjoy writing about 1883 ouo.

Damn, I do have a weak immune system. Feels bad.

-Ray, the one and only weak immune system sunflower


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