Day 33: The Title Will Come To Me Eventually


On the 2nd day of New Years my lover gave to me: an alarm clock so I can actually wake up on time and not sleep until midnoon.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “this is my way of being consistent” daily blog post of the day. January 2,2017.

Today was whack, just like my sleep schedule. Normally whenever I go to sleep at 2am in the morning, I wake up around 10-11 am. However, today for some odd reason I slept all the way until around 1:23 pm in the afternoon. Wow. I didn’t know I could even sleep for that much. That’s almost 12 hours of sleep. GASP ouo. I’m becoming Mr. ISleepFor12HoursADay! Nooooooooooooo. Panic! Panic! Tonight I will set my alarm clock and hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen haha.

Okay when I said today was whack, I lied. Sorry, I just needed a transition xD. My winter break is coming to a close so I decided I was going to be productive today. How you may ask? Well I finally decided to do that extra credit math assignment. Even though I didn’t do that terrible on the chapter test, free points is free points. And I’ll have you know, I’m a point hunter :^) It’s what school has turned me into. I’m a simple person, I see points, I get points. I see free points, I get free points. So I spent a while doing that and well… I hate graphs. Graphs are so stupid. They’re so hard to draw. All my graphs come out super ugly. 😦 One day, I will draw pretty looking graphs. Like seriously, if you looked at some of my graphs, you would cry a bit on the inside because they look so whack. It took me a while, but I got it done… eventually ^_^

After that I decided to take a break and go outside and walk around for some reason. This was during evening time by the way. Around 5:15 pm-ish. It gets dark so easily nowadays. By the way, just a pro tip don’t go walking around outside in the dark during the evening time. Not because it’s dangerous or anything, because it’s cold. Just walking around listening to music in cold. Nothing new. I love hypothermia 🙂 My favorite!

Then something tragic happened. Well not really tragic, but unexpected. So I was cleaning my mason jar because it was dirty from yesterday’s caramel coffee chocolate frap. I decided to clean it with cold water and soap. Then right after I decided to make some hot tea and well you probably can guess the rest. As I was pouring my hot water, the bottom of the jar cracked under pressure 😦 My mason jar died on me. Sad times. Sad sad times. #RIPMASONJAR Dec 2016- Jan 2017. I only managed to put two things in it too. Feels bad. It’s funny because I was watching CrazyRussianHacker breaking bottles by having a string, lighting it on fire and then putting it into cold water lol. Feels bad man.

After crying about my dead mason jar, I went to play league as usual. Queued up with 3 other people (2 friends, 1 friend of a friend). Ended up with 2 junglers, lovely. It’s funny because with twice the amount of junglers meant twice the amount of ganks. Haha, I was having fun. Poor Kevin though, he was left solo bot lane without a support. Needless to say, he did get wrecked. Somehow we still managed to win the game. That game, literally everyone was Chinese lol. They kept speaking Chinese in all chat and I was hella confused. They kept calling me a “sb.” What does sb mean? Some kind of Chinese slang? Ouo, anyone care to explain lol.

Oh yesterday I found a song by RapMon that I forgot to share it’s called Always (it’s in korean btw)

Here are some lyrics:

When I opened my eyes one day
I wished I was dead
I wished someone would kill me
In this loud silence
I’m living for the sake to understand the world
But why hasn’t this world tried to understand me?
No, it’s lacking by exactly by half 
It’s trying to hurt me
I miss me miss me baby
I miss me miss me baby
I wish me I wish me baby
wish I could choose me

I don’t know the song just resonates ^_^ The lyrics are great by the way. RapMon is truly the best lol. You should also check out another song of his Reflections. They’re both great. Check him out and the rest of BTS! YouTube them :p

Okay so let’s move onto something else. Today I was reading someone else blog and they had a post with some interesting questions. These come from Melinda Kucsera (

Will you help me or tear me down?
Will you hold out your hand then steal my wallet?
Will you speak platitudes as you plunge the knife in my chest?

How would you answer these questions? Lol I tried answering these and the answers came out a bit weird.

  1. This one really depends on the person. If I like you, I tend to help you. If I don’t like you, I don’t exactly want to help you. It’s not like I want to tear you down or anything of that sort. That’s too malicious. Nononono, I just wouldn’t care and watch you struggle. Ouo. Am I horrible? Yes I am. For strangers, as long as I’m not getting jumped/mugged/set up/life threatening shit.. I don’t see why I wouldn’t help. Unless I know you’re a horrible person too, then why not.
  2. Depends if that wallet is worth anything 😉 Lol. I don’t know. I help for the shake of helping. There’s no point in faking trying to help. I like to think I’m an semi-decent person lol.
  3. Seems kind of pointless since I’m already murdering you ^_^ Also, I try my best not to murder people. I hear that’s a bad thing to do. Even with the people I don’t agree/get along with.

So once again, how would you answer these questions? I don’t know.
Also just wanted to give a shoutout to thespiritkeeper. I will work to be less hard on myself. It’s sort of out of habit.

-Ray, the one and only questionable sunflower~



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