Day 31: Sad Day

On the last day of 2016 my lover gave to me: fireworks!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome to the end of daily blogging ouo!

Just kidding lol but right now I am in a slight tragedy. My Internet died so I can’t really write full out post. Current using phone data lol. Sorry. Hope you guys are enjoying New Years Eve. So sad 😦

Hopefully it gets fixed soon ugh ugh!


I wanted to dedicate this post to a bunch of reflections but I really don’t remember what I wanted to say. Lol, having no internet for a couple of hours is really hard xd! Just kidding, I have no life haha. Hmm what to reflect on? There are plenty things that happened in the past year but like all of them are bad things. Literally everything I can find out is drama related. I’m a horrible person, I need to work on that. I’m sorry to anyone that I may have caused harm to. I don’t know. See you tonight!

-Ray, the one and only sad sunflower


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