Day 29: I Hate Cemetery 2

On the 29th day of Christmas my lover gave to me: a new shovel so I can go dig an even bigger hole for myself.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “I Hate Cemetery” log blog post ouo. In case you didn’t know, I hate cemetery. It’s a stupid project. I don’t want to do extensive research on obscure old dead guys 😦 Feels bad.

OK. Where do I even begin?

I had to wake up early today because we decided to meet up and do some quality research. The plan was to meet up at some place at 11 am sharp. So for me to make it on time, I had to wake up 9 am (which wasn’t too bad considering I had to wake up at 7 am the day before). It was raining and at that moment I felt like pulling a Ziwen and telling my group I couldn’t go because it was raining and I really didn’t feel like getting wet. However, I couldn’t do that because Ziwen himself was going. I drag myself out of bed and make some breakfast, instant ramen. It was the only warm thing I could think of to make lol. After breakfast, I headed out the door and waited in the train for the bus.

I was so glad that all the bus drivers yesterday didn’t mark a date on my one day pass, so I could use it again today. There was still like 6 trips left so it saved me a lot of money.Papa bless yo, legit made me day.

Anyways an hour later and I’m there chilling at the place where we’re suppose to meet up. After a few minutes, I bump into Ziwen but then he runs off because he doesn’t want to go into the building we’re suppose to go into for some reason. So I just awkwardly stand there because I don’t want to go in either lol. He comes back, we go in and we learn that uh oh spaghetti oh, we’re fucked lol. So originally we set out to find the St. Andrew Society and their website lead us to this racket club and the person there told us that the club and the society have nothing to do with each other and that the only reason why the address is there is because one of the people of the society rented out an office but we can’t go there for reasons. In short, we’re fucked.

At that point, I wanted to call it quits and just call it a day but my group wasn’t having any of it. At this point 3/5 group members were present. We decided to go to the big library to see if there was anything to find. Walking in the rain is such a pain. I was too lazy to bring out my umbrella lol. At least this time I had a heavier jacket so I wasn’t as cold. Once we got to the library, we had 4/5 members there. I was on the computers while the rest of the peeps were on microfilm. I decided to look up his family and I was kind of surprised about how much stuff came up lol. For one thing, we had more leads and information to work.

After an hour we left and walked to our next place which was like 30 minutes away. It stopped raining so traveling wasn’t as bad. Once we got there, we tried to get inside. We circled the perimeter to try to find an entrance but there were so many doors. We ended up ringing the bell and waiting forever. If it wasn’t for a kind woman how told us that the place was closed for the holidays, we would of probably stayed there for quite a while.

If you’re wondering, no the 5th person didn’t show up. Which is REALLY funny because he was the person who was like: “HEY GUYS THIS PROJECT IS DUE IN A MONTH! LET’S DO SHIT!” Always telling people they should do things but never putting the effort to do it. Got to love these people. Granted he did have an orthodontist appointment at 1 but we were meeting at 11 am and this person lives pretty close to the places were going to. Also he could of gone earlier and did research of his own but I doubt he would do anything of that sort. Sigh, feels bad. When will my friends learn that it said person is not a good group member. >_> I swear they’re dense as hell. I’m very vocal about this but no one ever listens to me because they all think I have something against this guy, which I do because it’s not okay. But hey what can I do?

Anyways back to other stuff. I ended up in someone else’s neighborhood and was kind of hungry so I wanted to go to the only place I know around that area. They had a pretty good chicken cesar salad. So I make my way down town, walking fast, faces pass, feeling home bound and when I finally get there uh oh spaghetti oh… I thought I saw someone I knew inside and I didn’t bother to go in. I don’t know about you but I try to avoid people at all cost.

Could you just imagine the conversation?
“Hey what the hell are you doing in my hood?”
Oh uh, I just got done doing cemetery stuff and I was hungry and passed by ouo

So now I’m in a dilemma. I was hungry and needed some food. Where to go? Where to go? I I ended up going to Chinatown to a place literally called “Chinese Restaurant” and got myself some peanut butter noodles. Good stuff ^_^ That particular restaurant makes the best noodles. Ate there since I was a kid lol. I had other kinds but it doesn’t taste as good as the ones served there hehe.

Send noodles :^) I’m funny hehe!

I still had some time to kill so I was debating on what to do. I thought about going to KFT again but I was like: Oh hell no, you are not going to go there for the 4th time this week. Lol I don’t even know how I end up there sometimes, I don’t even live close ouo. I was going to ask if someone if they wanted to hang out, but she wasn’t even awake lol. I just ended up going home. Another tiresome train ride.

I get home and the first thing my mom does is yell at me lol. Oh well, I really didn’t care. I already stopped trying to even explain myself. There’s no use ouo. My parents don’t get me. I gave up a long time ago. I went to sleep and yeah nothing else really happened.

Hmm, there was something else I wanted to talk about but I can’t seem to remember lol. Hope you’re having a nice day ^_^! Nice days are hard to come by.

Quote of the day: “Do you know why girls are posting fruits on snapchat?”
Lol I didn’t find out until yesterday night but it looks like another silly trend. Google tells me that blueblerry means single so it’s basically a bunch of girls posting they’re single ouo. They’re a thirsty bunch hehe.

Ok, I think I’m finally done. The year is almost over!

-Ray, the one and only frustrated sunflower~


2 thoughts on “Day 29: I Hate Cemetery 2

  1. It was so lovely read. I hate waking up early but I have to as to attend classes, lol. Rainy day it was and still you go out for your project. And that noodles were looking so delicious, haha. The quote was commendable though was aware of blueberry, lol

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