Day 28: Spanish Project ^_^

On the 28th day of Christmas my lover gave to me: the saltiest pizza in the goddamn world. No joke, literally just a mountain of salt. AND I DIDN’T EVEN MAKE IT QQ!

Hey what is up fam, my name is I’m tired and welcome back to the shittalking blog. Just kidding, I don’t shit talk anyone. I’m reformed and way to tired to do that anyways.

I’m tired. Just wanted you to know that. I think I annoyed all my friends at this point by telling them I’m tired lol. They all told me to go to sleep but I can’t because my mom is imitating the sound of a dying cat and I can’t tell her to shut up 😦

Went to sleep yesterday at 3 am. Don’t even feel bad lol, my fault completely. I drank like 2 cups of tea at 11 pm yesterday LOL. What even. Then I couldn’t fall asleep (gee I wonder why). Sucks cause I had to wake up early today. I set my alarm for 6:30, snoozed until 7:00 then got up at like 7:10 qq. It’s too early, especially on a break day. Had to go film my Spanish project today at someone’s house. They lived so far away. Whyyyyyyyyyy. Why can’t you live closer 😦 Why can’t I live closer.

It was cold today but it wasn’t cold enough this morning to convince me to wear a heavier jacket. Lol, I’m stupid. It was freezing. Human Popsicle Challenge up in here. I’m sorry if this post is a bit more unorganized than the rest, I’m really tired and feel weird. Anyways, so Google Maps told me that it would take me 52 minutes to get there by bus but Google Maps is a liar because it got there extra early lol. I even had enough time to walk from the station to the person’s house instead of taking the 10 minute bus ride. Even then I got there before the suggested time (9 am) so I decided to walk around the block twice (LOL). After that I was like okay you know what fuck it, I’m early xd so I kinda just awkwardly waddle over to said house and ring the door bell and wait in the cold. I took off my earbubs, while waiting for the door (which saved my life btw). Lol another friend came running behind me and I swore she would of jumped me and stolen all my nonexistent monies :(! We both kind of just stood there and waited for the door in the cold. Feels bad. Later I learned the door bell was in fact broken (LOL).

Anyways, inside it was nice and cozy and there was also another friend waiting for us. So like 4/5 people where there ready to get this shit done. The 5th person, we don’t talk about the 5th person, she’s always late. She was like a whole hour late (what else did I expect).

We spent a good couple of minutes fiddling with the tripod. I need to get myself a tripod yo, whenever I record my vloggish videos, I use a ghetto stack of books (haha). Turns out it was missing a piece, who knew. We tried so hard trying to pull the top part off. After a while, we decided fuck it, 5th person wasn’t important anyways (she wasn’t in any of the beginning shots sooooooo, not in a harsh sense), let’s just start. So we started and well I had no idea what I was doing but my group seemed very enthusiastic. They seemed like they were having fun. Lol I feel bad for the main actress haha, made her walk down the stairs like 4 times just because I didn’t know how to refocus (my bad). Everything was fine and dandy until we had to go take the outside shots. Note to self, don’t do outside shots during the winter. It’s fucking cold.

Spent a while taking the outdoor shots and then went back inside for a break. Then after our break, we finished the rest of our main part of the project and went to eat lunch. We had pizza and let me tell you. It was some of the saltiest pizza I ever had in my life. And trust me, I once accidentally poured salt onto my pizza thinking it was cheese and even that was less salty than the the two slices I had today. O________O HOW CAN PIZZA BE THAT SALTY??? Chill fam, why do we even need salt on the pizza 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 I’m already salty enough, I don’t need more of it.

Then after lunch, we went back to filming. My group wanted to do extra stuff. I’m telling you, they’re really enthusiastic about this project lol. Not gonna lie, they had some nice ideas ^_^!

Oh wait, I took photos! Let me show you ouo!

IMG_1956.JPGΒ Here’s that salty ass pizza btw. No bueno 😦 But look how shiny it looks πŸ˜‰

Later on the day my group decided to get milkshakes ouo.

I didn’t get one because I’m a broke bitch. Sigh, bus fare is $$$. I’m telling you 😦 Never lucky!

I thought this picture was pretty funny hehe ^_^!

Anyways after milkshakes we parted ways somewhat. Some of us went to say hi to our other friend who was working at the newly opened Thai ice cream place. So there was that, walked a bunch in the cold, said hi and awkwardly walked out.

After that, me and two others headed to KFT. It was literally my third time there this week. Ouo kinda made me sad, I don’t know how to explain it. But all three times, the same exact thing would happen. I would go there, chill for a while then end up taking the train home and ending up extremely tired. I don’t know ignore me.

Let’s instead look at some text on a wall:

Life is better with ice cream… unless you’re lactose intolerant ouo or you know, allergic to chocolate.. then you can’t have chocolate ice cream but we all know vanilla ice cream is the best so I guess it doesn’t suck that badly. Ice cream is good!

So after taking the train home, I got extra tired and of course the best thing I could have thought of was complaining to my friends. But I’m pretty sure they’re tired of my shit so I decided to just start editing the stuff we filmed today. That kind of made me even more tired. Feels bad. Not really, it was fun.


I have to wake up tomorrow and work on cemetery. Sigh. In the wise words of my smoothie buddy, “I want to kill myself.”

how could I forget? I actually don’t remember but today I learned one of my friends is actually a carrot. that’s pretty cool i guess

Fun fact: I said tired 10 times in this post!


-Ray, the one and only shiitake sunflower~


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