Day 26: Party

On the day after Christmas my lover gave to me: carpal tunnel 😦 Holy shit my fingers hurt like fuck haha. Too much spam clicking ow..

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily blog ^_^ Day 26, December is nearing an end. My fingers hurt a lot right now, so typing is literally torture but oh well.

Today started like any other day. Waking up from a fucked a sleeping schedule, except this time I woke up at 10. Making progress sort of ^_^ Do you ever wake up and feel like: “Wow, I did exactly nothing with my life for the past couple of days.” Me all the time xd. Literally all I do is wake up and waste my time away. I want to do something worthwhile, but then again I’m literally all talk and no show. One of these days I shall take initiative, but until that day comes, I don’t know fam. Why can’t that day be today you may ask? Well I don’t know. Yeah that’s a cop out answer, I’m sorry.

Anyways, the day went on as usual except I had something to look forward to haha. Karaoke party ^_^ Two friends were celebrating their birthdays today (happy birthday Felicia and Linda) and they decided to host a Karaoke party. Too bad I suck at singing hehe.

Party was from 4-6 and originally I was planning to take public transportation but I got lucky today. A friend offered me a ride (thanks Tina). Very fortunate, saves me $3.50 :^) I’m poor xd. Plus it gives me someone to told talk. We ended up talking about anime. I don’t know why I even said I needed things to watch, I never end up sitting down and watching anything. Plus I only like a few things. I’m so picky ouo. That’s bad.

Well hopefully I’ll make some time to watch Erased. Heard it was good and wanted to watch it anyways ^_^. We ended up getting there extra earlier and chilled at KFT. They had a giant Christmas tree with changing color lights. Oooooooo. I got myself an Oreo Milk Tea except it wasn’t on their menu so I kind of stood there looking like an idiot but I was certain they made it because I had almost one of everything on their menu and the Oreo Milk Tea is by far the best. And I was right, they did make it but it’s not on their menu… odd. Why hide the best drink 😦 Sketchy sketchy. Tina got a drink and some takoyaki.

We decided to occupy a table of six cause you know, we’re worth more than 6 people ouo. Something weird about takoyaki is stuff on top of it. I remember the first time someone ordered it, I thought they were vegetables and they started to move in the weirdest ways and I was all freaked out lol. Anyways today I learned it tastes like fish and has the consistency of wet paper.

Anyways, we stayed there until the 4 and then went to the karaoke place. That’s when the real party started ^_^! There was so many people lol. Being the only guy was kind of awkward. Jk, it’s not awkward unless you make it awkward hehe. Actually, I lied there were two other guys who came later. Some random person named Jared (or what his name was) and Nathan. Karaoke was pretty fun. Too but I suck at singing :0 Sorry for any ears I killed. I’m like tone deaf and sound like a dying cat LUL. Songs were alright. Lots of Bruno Mars songs and then lots of Korean songs. Wish I knew korean or some korean song lyrics so I could join in on the fun lel. Lots of screaming-yelling-singing going on. It was pretty chill lit fam af lol. I need to stop doing that.

Oh we also had cake. It was pretty good! For some reason people were putting cream on everyone else. ouo kinda weird if you ask me but I don’t judge. Don’t mind me, just enjoying me fruit cake without taro (BLESS), you do you.

Here is the one picture I’m in haha:

In case you didn’t know the right one is me. Don’t I look fabulous 😉

For the record, no I’m not red because I’ve been drinking alcohol or something like that, it’s just water :^). I swear xD. Why’s it in a shot cup? I don’t know. ouo. I’m underage and I’m a good boy. Lol, I’m not at drinking level yet. They don’t call me Longteng yet hehe.

After karaoke, some of us went to an ice cream place except I was the only one who got ice cream lol. IT TOOK FOREVER 😦 Feels bad. It was okay though. Coffee flavored ice cream gets old really quick. It looked good though! Here’s another picture (woah pictures, yes I’m moving up in the world. Plus all this text gets boring sometimes, gotta spice it up a bit):

It was okay. It’s so blurry rip.


Oh, someone decided to scribble out someone else’s youtube channel and wrote down mine (which was kinda mean), but hey if you ever want some quality (with a k) content… 😉

And then after that I took the train and went home. Night rides are so different from day rides. It seems so much more relaxing haha. But it’s a lot more dangerous :0

Overall, today was a fun day. Once again happy birthday Felicia and Linda ^_^
Oh that reminded me, I got a mason jar. It’s nice and blue. Thanks! Now I can be that white girl I always wanted to be. Now I just need some mason jar tips and tricks (or just the CrazyRussianHacker, that will do). Oh I also need a tea infuser thingy. That will be handy.

Okay that will be all for now. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully I make it a productive day.
I will not be going to sleep now lol. Probably waste my time for 2 more hours xd. I wanted to write about one more thing but it’s not really related to birthday parties and karaoke so it’ll have to wait for another day. See you tomorrow~

QUOTE OF THE DAY (not word for word): “If you’re never sad then why did you name your blog DepressedCloud?”
You got me. ^_^

-Ray, the one and only deaf tone ear killing sunflower~


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